Friday, December 12, 2008

What I HATE most

I hate sore throat, hardly speak
I have high fever (39.3 Celsius) GOSH!,
I have a cold, I'm right now using my mouth to breath
I cough like a MADman

Oh My God I'm sick :(
Today is my 4th day in THIS condition. I'm depressed.. :'(
Went to see doctor, the doctor gave me 5 types of medicines including antibiotic, I didn't go to work for 2 days. I didn't have mood to play the Sims, I didn't have mood to go out :'(
Huhuhu....I'm sick

I hate to take medicines, I hate to eat pills
I just hate having to take medicines :'(
I'm moody :'(((

I sneezed just now, realised my tissue paper has blood on it, oh my god what happened to me? I dying? :'(

Of course nope, it's nothing to do with my lung...It's just because of my nose, it's sensitive sometimes, but my mum was really worried, thought to fetch me to see doctor, again.

Hell no!!!
I don't want more pills. Actually today I only took antibiotics, and the rest...I just neglect it. If it helps, I wouldn't be in THIS condition after 2 days. No more pills please :'(((

I want to go for a movie, I miss cinema, I miss ice cream, I miss to eat everything that I couldn't eat right now. I must be dreaming, nightmare nightmare nightmare. I hope tomorrow I wake up realise it's just a dream.

You sick bugs, get rid of me! :'(((

No jokes, I'm really sad, although I sound...funny :'(

I'm just a clown



Mike said...

So sorry to hear you're this sick. But stay on your meds. They may be unpleasant, but they don't give them to you because they're fun to eat!

Take care.

violetmay said...

Huhuhu... :'(
So Mike you are encouraging me to take these disgusting pills? :'((((

I'm so sad...

Okay, I will listen to you, for my own sake :)

Dr V said...

Awwwww...sorry you're not feeling your best these days V V! Well take your medicine like a good girl, and you'll be free of the nagging sickness...and the bitter pills. Right? ^_^ You want ice cream and all your other favorites? Well you have to take those pills first. hahaha

Take great care of yourself my friend!

violetmay said...

Don't worry, now (as I type this) I only have cold and cough, much more better than few days ago! ^^
Yappeee! Ice cream is one step closer :P