Saturday, December 13, 2008

Babies are cute

Last month, after my parents and I (only 3 of us) went to the National Zoo (OMG I still have lots of photos to upload), we went to Michell's new home.

I took some photos, and I think these photos are nice. Hehee! ^^
By the way I'm feeling much more better today, after I sneezed the blood out last night. LOL! :P
No more fever, but still have a cold, cough and sore throat -_-"
Will go to my aunt's house warming this evening, hope I won't cough like mad in people's new home, otherwise no one will wants to sit with me :(
Didn't feel like going but both of my sister Joan and Eling are not joining, mum was a little I think I have to go, at least to accompany my parents. Sometimes my mum thought we no longer want to accompany them, but of course that's not true :)

Photos :)

I like her smile :D

Mum and Hue Ru


Lol! Her fingers... :P

Alright, take 2

Playing with her grandpa

Cute as a button
By the way, are buttons really..cute? :P

Buttons are usually round and round....okay, buttons are cute :P

Hue Ru and I

Our first kiss...


Funniest photo of the month


It's bad when you have an evil aunt :P

The sun was way TOO bright, she tried to look at me, I mean the camera, but she just couldn't open her eyes.. :P

She got dizzy after that...she looked confused

After that, she was mad at me...

Oops, she realized I was actually shooting her photos...
She became a little shy..

She decided to forgive me
Peaceeeee, not pissed :P

I really love babies, sometimes I wonder if I should marry young and "make" babies before I reach 30, but...once you have babies, everything will change, no more trips to various places, no more dating, no more movies and good foods on weekends, but to babysit your babies at home...maybe this is good, but I don't think I'm ready to be somebody's mum. I'm still growing up!

And I really hope Kevin will still pamper me after we get married, and bring me wherever I want to go :)

If you wonder why Kevin got me Kitty White...
because I always tell him I want a cat and a toy poodle...although Kitty White doesn't eat or shit, but, I still love her :D



Dr V said...

Hue Ru is ADORABLE!!!! She should be mad at her evil aunt, for making her take photos that aren't flattering to her. haha Her aunt takes unflattering photos of everyone...except herself!!! hahaha Just kidding, I remember the funny photos you took of yourself too. ^_*

As for having the children, I know what you mean about not feeling like you're ready for the life-change. I'm in the same situation as you. But I'm also sure that when you are actually facing the reality of parenting, then your values change to meet the challenge. So going dating, traveling, and all the other things that seem most important today...will somehow become less so. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Hope it helps you with your anxieties as well.

violetmay said...

What you said is right, maybe after I marry Kevin, things will not be the same again. Maybe I will be more willing to sit at home than going out :)))

OMG, I don't want to be a "Yellow-faced old maid". This is what Chinese people call women who just stay at home and not going out, no make up...something like that :'((