Monday, March 2, 2009

6 February 09

You know...after our 五公祠 visit ;)
We had our lunch in KFC, their menu is not really the same with Malaysia's
This is their KFC promotion voucher during Chinese New Year, so cute right? :)


Somehow I think I looked very Chinese/Japanese with my eyes like this, LOL!

One of their CNY specialties
Crabs nuggets

So so..

And beef crepe

not bad! ;)

My baby, he is not edible :P

After that we hang out in one of the shopping malls
We went to this place called..."I forgot", gagagaga :P

This is not a very high end shopping mall, at least I thought so, but,
after I checked prices of the clothes here....
RMB800 (RM400) for a no name, no brand jacket?
And guess what, that RM400 wasn't the most expensive piece, in fact all (maybe I should say MOST in case I missed some) of the clothes here are all above RM400!!!
Actually I went to few other malls before I stepped in this one, other places are much more cleaner with goods decor, tilings etc but they don't mark up too much, not like this one -_-"

Got back to our room, before I showered
This was what I wore inside my long grey cardigan, snapped a few because I don't know when is the next time I put this on again, maybe I will never? ;)

and had this one, it's a kind of fruits, I don't know the name

It's sweet and crunchy, with a yellow big seed inside

It's dinner time!
We went to night market again

and this time we tried their famous Claypot fish thingy

It's way TOO oily, really fattening,
The taste is quite is not delicious to me. Anyway I still ate a lot
Both of us only managed to swallow half of it, maybe not even half,
that pot was quite a big one, we should have ordered small one

Some tofu
Quite disappointing..

And this sliced chickens with mushrooms!!!
The YUMMIEST mushroom in the whole world!!!!

All these are enough for 4 pax, we were TOO clever -_-"

Hahah, so cute

Xinqi bakery, quite famous in Hainan Island

You wanna make donations? :)

Do you remember I said I didn't take photos of the hotel I stayed?
Actually I did!!! I forgot :))
The one and only...

Goodnight all :)



Unknown said...

Interesting green fruit. I'll have to find out what it is. The pink under the cardigan is nice. Cute pictures of you and Kevin in the previous post. And I thought Kevin was edible for you. ;)

violetmay said...

Hello Burnt, I hope that green fruit is available in your place :)
P/S: I don't want to eat human! :P

Dr V said...

Wow...who knew KFC was there? I'm sure the menu is different though, because we don't have the crab nuggets.

Looking very stylish in that pink shawl VV! ^_^

violetmay said...

Dr V
The crab nuggets only available during Chinese New Year, in Malaysia, McDonald will have a few new items during Chinese New Year, something like "Prosperity beef burger/chicken burger" (with soooo many onions in it) and onion rings...something like that, so I was not too surprised to see their crab nuggets :D
And and, McD in Malaysia has got chicken congee in the menu! Hahahaha :P
But hey! I thought KFC and McD are everywhere? :P