Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day out with Lina :D

Didn't meet her least a year?
We were really close back to college time :)

We used to work part-time in Mandarin Oriental Hotel (it's a must for hotel students in my college!), she was 19 and I was 18. Ooh gosh I miss those days, maybe we can go back to the hotel again and work part time...maybe just a day or two, it would be great working as a slave (lol kidding)! ^^

She is always very beautiful, well dressed, wonderful make-up skills (she used to help us on make-up), friendly and caring! We have endless topics and I do appreciate every meeting with her :)
This is me before I step out of house, she told me she would be wearing an orange dress and I have orange dress too, so... ;)
By the way you won't be seeing much of my photos in this post as I have a wonderful model! :P

We had our dinner in Delicious Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall

Wonderful ambience and everything looks great

Blue=brown sugar
white=white sugar of course

And even the lady in front of me is beautiful ^^
My friend, Lina :)

She loves to take photos too, you will get to see lots of her pictures later :P

We are on diet, she just ordered a milestrone soup for herself

and me mango cheesecake...Holy cow! Didn't I say I'm on diet?!
I even finished it all by myself! :'(

No wonder my size is erm...
this is the one and only photo of me in the cafe (which looks nice), I'm a good photographer but unfortunately Lina isn't, she is a good model :P

Hot honey lemon tea

I really like these two photos of her

and 2

Mid Valley has got this make up event, I don't know what that Hello Kitty is all about, maybe it's a theme?

and we did some groceries shopping, ended up buying nothing :P

The lighting is good, I managed to take a close up photo of her eyelashes

OOh Gosh!
Her make up skill is wonderful! Actually I think she can become a make up artist if she wants to :)

Call me Lina! I wanna meet you up again before you go back to your hometown ;)))



CathJ said...

Woww... she is pretty... Why dont you try some heavy make up and eye lashes as well.. Love to see ;-D
Every one will loves pretty with all the touch up.. ;-)

violetmay said...

Yeah she is! ;))
I did try before, erm okay la will show it to you some day this week :))