Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hsin Yin's baby girl 1 month old celebration, and June's wedding buffet

Last Saturday, 28 of March Kevin and I have 2 events on
First station, Hsin Yin's house for her baby girl Tze Ien's one month old celebration

Tze Ien, she looks like her dad!
So cute and chubby cheeks like me, hahaha

Family portrait

Tze Ien has got so many presents, I envy her, hehehe :P

I'm a qualified good momma...
Hard to believe?
Okay I can prove it
How to "pass" baby from your right arms to left

Adjusting her dress at the same time..

Ta da~

Hsin Yin and I

Hey my skirt isn't as short as shown in the photo, something is wrong with my camera

Saw Hsin Yin's baby in the kitchen...didn't know I'll become a momma of a puppy 2 days later, life is great, full of surprises ;)

Stayed there for more than an hour, after that to June's wedding buffet

June and Kevin
June is a friend of Kevin, she is so beautiful! ^^

June and Elaine, James's wife

Ma dinner

Some people I met that night
They are all June's elementary and secondary schoolmates :)

Elaine and James

Cass and Simon

I missed some people, I thought I've taken photos of all the people Kevin and I know...I checked back and realized...no, zero. Hmmm :(

Anyway, Congratulations to Hsin Yin and June! :)
Can't wait to meet Tze Ien again, I want to bite her cheeks, yum yum :P



laverew said...


The baby is so cute and June is beautiful but not as beautiful as Kevin's girlfriend.......

I really like your short hair.


CathJ said...

Baby soo cute...and well done! u can handle baby well.. ;-)

Dr V said...

Well if you want to prove you're a "Qualified Good Momma", then you need to demonstrate this changing arms technique with your own baby!!!!! hahaha But in the meantime, I'll accept the fact that you're a promising student. ^_*

Hmmmmmm...so your skirt isn't as short as it appeared in the photos, huh? So you're actually saying that it was shorter? hahaha

Thanks for sharing...as always! Looks like you had a really fun Saturday. ^_^ Congrats to the happy parents!

violetmay said...

You are actually the first person who likes my short hair (exclude my mum and sisters, mum said she could saves shampoo's money, hahaha), thank you! ^^

I help my eldest sister to take care of her babies sometimes, that's why I know a little..hehee :))

Dr V
My own baby? Have to wait until I marry Kevin, I'm conservative, no babies before signing the paper, LOL ;)