Wednesday, March 18, 2009

假日海滩 Holiday Beach, Part I

Well, just some photos taken in
假日海滩 Holiday Beach in Hainan Island
I have about 100 shots, today I'm going to show you 49 of them :)

Ooh wait, I have some "early morning" shots
As Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, we went to morning market for breakfast. Last batch of morning market photos, as you wish...Hahahaha
I think this shot is interesting, I wonder why this guy staring at my....Ahem ;)
Am I too sensitive..?

Okay okay, he wasn't staring at my Ahem, hahaha :P

I wore many of you wear high heels to beach? shoes?

My breakfast, beef noodles

We took bus to the Holiday Beach, that's the most convenient and economic way
Holiday Beach is around 30 minutes from city center

假日 jia3 ri4 (Holiday) 海滩 hai3 tan1 (Beach)!

Freaking happy although it was windy and cold, not a good season for swimsuits

Booth for photo shooting

and some candids

Hiding behind him, so I won't look too big :P

I really love these few shots :))

See you tomorrow :)



CathJ said...

Looking at you both camwhoring at the mirror.. the auntie at the back

violetmay said...

Hahaha, the aunty is very cool, didn't laugh :P

Dr V said...

Love the beach photos, and the photos of the people. I think next time you and Kevin can go into the water with your bathing-suits on. Then you shouldn't have to worry about sandals or high heels. hahaha How did you both take photos together, you had a friendly stranger help? It's nice having a small tripod for occasions like those, but one of those really small ones.

Great photos...and I hope you didn't lose your hearing from being under that cannon. ^_^