Thursday, March 19, 2009

假日海滩 Holiday Beach, Part II

Part II of Holiday Beach, Haikou
There's no Part III ;)
42 photos

It's not easy to take photos on windy days

I like this one :)


What's that?

Tables made of stones


Me likeyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
But it's really hard to sit on it especially when the wind goes "fu fuuuu fuuuuuu"


No? my butts

This one?

Haha ^^

I like this the most

We saw this giant carved stones

It's about love, fate or something like that

Anybody please tell me what that is?

Saw Xiu Qing
A female doggie

We knew her name because her mum (I mean her "master") called her
I still remember her voice, phucking funny:P

Before we left the beach, we have some foods and drinks nearby bus station

Sweet potatoes!

The yummiest sweet potatoes of my life :)



CathJ said...

Regarding about the white spot on the coconut.. I saw familiar things here in kajang..the road (I mean the divider, the tree painted half and the stalls near by...only on that area... (Near by Kajang mouse)...But in green (Petronas green)... I also dun knw why...I still dont have the answer till now..

CathJ said... 'kajang mouse' kajang mosque

violetmay said...

My dad always brought us to Kajang for satay when I was in elementary and secondary school, maybe I should go to kajang and find the place you mentioned. Hehee! :D

Dr V said...

Looks like all those signs, including "clinic" were pointing to you! hahaha I still want to see you relaxing in the hammock like next time! haha Oh, and it seem all those Chinese ladies were showing you how to dress for being there, and some people just didn't want to learn their lesson. hahaha