Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Last night" in Haikou city

It was a busy week...
sorry for the lack of updates :)
I'm very sleepy but I think I should post some photos before I go to bed

Last batch of photos in Hainan Island, phew! Finally :)
Only 27 photos...was really tired after spending whole day in Holiday Beach, XXX street, Old Town and...i-don't-know-the-names places

"Last night" in Hainan was only about food, food, foods and night markets (as usual), there are a few night markets in Haikou city, the night market of Day 1, 2 and 3 and 4 are in different locations, I realized people here like to dine-in night market

Our first stop

These few sticks are REAL beef, not plastic beef satay in the mall

Random photos

HALAL handmade noodles

XX mall

I saw this well framed cross stitch in one of the shops, decided to buy it because Kevin's Chinese Zodiac is Horse, this picture is good for him (Hahahaha, I'm not superstitious, it's all about Feng Shui and Luck okay?!)...ooh wait, I didn't buy THIS one, I meant I bought this design, have got to stitch from scratch ;)

Our dinner (again)
I ate too much for the particular few days, I really love their meat satays, SuPeRRrrr delicious, couldn't find it in Malaysia, I wanna steal their secret recipe

Check the fish bones out, hahaha

Tetra pack juices we drank every morning, afternoon, tea-time, dinner and supper ;)

No photos of Day 5 (actually have some, but not going to upload it), we woke up late (again), packed and rushed to the airport -_-"
That's all for my Hainan Island trip :)
I will go to Sanya, next time



Dr V said...

So THIS TIME you ordered beef instead of the plastic? Well how do they compare? I think you liked the plastic more, because you talked so much about it. hahahaha

Darren said...

Hey Violet. Did you have any problem with Mosquitoes in Haikou? I'll be there in 2 weeks time. Need to know whether to keep my daugther covered up the whole time.

violetmay said...

Dr V
Hahahahahahaha, yeah I like plastic's yummier than beef satay :P

I didn't have problem with mosquitoes, but baby's skin is very sensitive, it's good to have her covered at night, April is not as windy/cold as February, shouldn't be a problem...just make sure the satay you order is real meat (if you want to try), hahaha :P

CathJ said...

Thanks for sharing all the trips..

Darren said...

Thanks! Maybe I'll avoid the Satay... :)

violetmay said...

No problems! ;)))

Hmmm, you have got to try their satay, it's my favourite...really delicious! (but spicy) hehee