Monday, March 16, 2009

7, February 09

At night, after THIS and THIS

I'm sorry la, you just have to bear with these photos entries
Haikou Day 3, Night
Hey hey hey, do you recognize the grey vest Kevin's wearing?
Yeah! I knitted that :D
Nice right? Hehehe
*thick skin*

and the black+white+grey scarf in the picture belongs to Kevin

Match right?

somehow Kevin looks really "Chinese Boy" in this knitted hat, his mum bought for him in China, I forgot which province, his mum bought me one too, but I forgot to take it along

We went to the famous Old town, I thought it's a kind of night bazaar, but I was wrong, shops were actually closing by the time we reached, hmm about 7pm before 8pm

Quite disappointed..

So we took this "tuk tuk" to the other side of town
Tuk tuk here is very different from Thailand, we only paid RMB2 for one pax, that means RM1 each

p/s: hahaha, it's a candid snapshot, I know my expression is funny there :P
the lady told me she has a few relatives in Malaysia

We went to different restaurant but ate the same foods, claypot fish
Don't know why everybody in Hainan eats the same foods...I ordered it again although it's not too delicious (to me)

and I ordered the world's most delicious mushroom again!

New dish
It's spicy diced chicken
It was sooooooooooooooooo spicy, love it!

Kevin's tongue going numb because of chilis, that's why he looked sad there

Remember to eat 鱼煲 claypot fish when you go to Hainan

Alright, RIGHT after dinner, we went to this restaurant called "Macau Street" 澳门街 for tea
I'm not kidding, we went to this place RIGHT after our heavy dinner
Don't ask me, you ask Kevin better, he insisted

"I want to have a cup of tea..."




Guess what, this restaurant is really romantic!!!!

and I was really happy Kevin insisted to try

We ordered fruit tea, and a glass of iced Macau coffee

I started to do stupid things...

....because I was sleepy, and Kevin didn't allow me to go back and SLEEP

We snapped a few shots before leaving the place

It's a very nice restaurant :)

Check bill, please

Bye, I shall visit you again :)



Dr V said...

I told you that Kevin's vest fits him just fine. SEE THE PROOF!!!! haha I like the hat too. ^_^

That restaurant looks really nice. I think you and Kevin were supposed to put your wedding vows to each other on one of those hearts, and then sign your name and address on the back. You can see all the other customers followed the rules, so I hope you and Kevin did too. haha

Never been to a night market before, but they look like fun. ^_^

Kokenko said...

looks like you enjoyed yourself. Many photos to see.

violetmay said...

Dr V
Yeah yeah Kevin and I shouldn have done that...why didn't you call and remind us? Your fault! :P
Night markets are fun, there are too many night markets here in Asia, sometimes you will get "special offers" too, hahaha

The trip was great, I really enjoyed it :))