Monday, March 30, 2009

I surprised myself

Few hours ago, Kevin and I passed by Petsmore (a pet shop), we saw a very very adorable puppy and so we went in. The salesperson named Mei Fong took out the puppy and handed it to me, from the information cardboard, I got to know it's a Yorkshire Terrier.

It was so beautiful...eyes like diamond and it was so light, barely feel the weight of it.
was like love at first sight, I like her very much

Kevin once said before
"Your eyes will shine when you saw something you like"

It was true
I guessed my eyes shined, which I couldn't control...yeah maybe you can control the size of your iris but I couldn't

"Do you like it? I can buy for you"

"Huh? Are you sure? If you buy it for me, I will marry you now" He knew I was kidding, I will still marry him if he refused to

"Hahahahaha, yes" He smiled at me

Instantly I felt so happy, I wanted to say yes but I doubted if my decision was right
I looked into her eyes (it's a female puppy), trying to read her mind

"Do you like me?"
"Do you like my smell?"
"Do you like my hug?"
"Do you want to be mine?"
"Do you want to go home with me?"

So many questions in my mind, I couldn't decide but one thing was for sure, I like her very much :)

There was a mini poodle in the shop, remember I said I only like cats and Toy Poodle? I've never considered a Yorkshire Terrier before I saw her adorable face. It's like chemical reaction, couldn't take my eyes off her. The Mini Poodle in the shop didn't manage to attract my attention, not at all

But, I was still unsure
"Darling are you sure? Are you sure?" I was like a little girl asking more candies from mummy and doubted if she will really gives more to me

"Yes, only if you like"

"But it's expensive..." It's really pricey...compared to Shih Tzu and the mini poodle at the shop

Kevin just smiled at me, he read my mind, he knew which one caught my attention, after all I was carrying a Yorkshire Terrier, wasn't it obvious?

I...actually said yes, and then no and then yes..
It's not merely about money, it involves taking care of another one for life, for life for life for life
I was worried, I might not be a good mama for her

After so many questions I asked Mei Fong (the salesperson), everything seemed okay (she mentioned about supplements for puppies and dogs, shampoo, foods, everything she and I could think of)...before I said yes, I called my mum (ooh well I knew my mum will say NO, I just wanted to tell her)

"No no no, don't buy it, don't buy! It barks at night!"

"But I just bought it" I lied, just to see her reaction

"No no no, just don't buy"

"But I bought it!!"

"No no no, please go buy a bird not a puppy"
Hahahahaha, suddenly she encouranged me to buy birds

"...actually I haven't buy it yet"

"Okay remember don't buy ya"


"My mum said no, as expected" I told Kevin

" bring this puppy home first, if she really doesn't like this puppy, you can put in my home"

After a long fact I took around 2 hours to decide. Hey hey hey! Actually Kevin and I didn't have the intention to buy pets, our initial thought was go and peep the cute ones. Hmmm, now I remember Kevin once wanted to buy a puppy for me 2 years ago, for Valentine's, Birthday or...Dating Anniversarry? I'm not sure

...If you were to ask me,
"Why didn't you go home and think twice?"
No, the puppy might be sold by then, there might be another Yorkshire Terrier tomorrow, but will not be this one

"No, there are too many issues need to be solved, it's about a life" and Michell might not be willing to bring my cute niece Hue Ru and nephew Kong Chai to my house again -_-"

"It's pretty easy to take care of it, you can call and ask me anytime! (oh she meant 10am to 10pm, her working hours)" Mei Fong said

After another long thought (again)...

I was really surprised I actually said yes to Kevin and the sales person, but I was so happy after I said yes yes yessss

While Kevin making payment, Mei Fong reminded me things to remember, including no chocolates, no milk, no human foods etc, I started to panic

My heart was beating really fast, for no reason...
Maybe for a reason, I wasn't sure if my decision was right (still?! After 2 solid hours)

Anyway Kevin has already made the payment, and from today onwards I'm a mama for a puppy

"We should give her a name"

"Ooh...maybe Muffin?"

"HUH??! No......"



"Okay, what about Honey?"

"........................................................." Gua gua gua... -_-"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" I know why Kevin didn't like these names (Muffin or Honey), because I often call him Honey Muffin..
Now all of you know my secret
*Me blushing*

~Honey...honey honey honey...da..dada...da... Sugar, Sugar Sugar Sugar~
All of a sudden, I have this song in my mind

"Okay! Sugar!" (read as Suga, like the song)

To end today's entry, my special thanks to my mum, she was really MAD at me when she first saw Sugar, but she didn't scold me (she will never scold me ok?), then after a few hours that means just now before she went to bed, she showed her interest and started to talk about her friend's dogs and she said Sugar is very cute and she started to like her! Hahahahaha :P

And, my super super thanks to my Honey Muffin, thank you for the Sugar :'))))))))))
Always sweet to have you in my life!



Dr V said...

Great story!!!!! Congrats to Sugar for the new home! Congrats to Kevin for sealing the deal, and getting you to admit you'll marry matter what! Congrats to your mom for the new addition to the loving family! And congrats to Violet for becoming a new mommy, and the chance to see just how great a mommy you can be!

It's a great time to get a check-up for Sugar, and establish a relationship with a doctor for her. So get her vaccines, and heart-worm treatment. I'm sure your veterinarian will give you all the steps to take for her long-term good health.

proteusguy said...

What no pictures?!?!?

I'm sure that Sugar is a very lucky dog!

Kokenko said...

Good to hear you adopted a pet. Congrats.

RSPCA will be pround of you.

violetmay said...

Dr V
Sugar took her first vaccines, the next shot is next month... I bought her some supplements, trying my best to be a good momma. God bless me, hehee!

Very hard to take her photos, I will try to snap more tomorrow :D

Thank you my friend :))