Friday, March 13, 2009

Haikou Day 3

Just some random shots after Evergreen Park :)

I started to miss my long hair

Hainan Island is definitely a good place to visit, who said there's no differences between Hainan Island and Malaysia, go eat poos

I like the spring (here) very much,
the weather is just nice, like our Genting Highlands ;)

Not much people like me...wearing a short skirt and walked around town
It was quite cold there

Me, buying jackfruit
where is my money, where is my money

It's...actually kind of dirty, I didn't eat on the spot, no worries..

Kevin, looking smart there ;)

One of the many shopping malls...
I don't understand why people often say goods from China are cheap?
NOT cheap! One jacket (no brand no name) can easily costs you about RMB/CNY800, which is around USD100, CRAZY?!

Live rates at 2009.03.13 16:18:09 UTC

800.00 CNY


116.976 USD

China Yuan Renminbi United States Dollars
1 CNY = 0.146220 USD 1 USD = 6.83900 CNY

p/s: I'm talking about goods inside the malls
p/p/s: You should be VERY happy if I bought you anything from China

Bus stop
Where are we going now?

In the bus, going to another hot spot

eee...I thought I look cute when I smile?
What the heck with this one?


The corns sold here are totally different from Malaysia

Me, so exciting waiting for mine

Corn with sesame, chili sauce and some spices
HMmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Yum yum!
p/s: But I still prefer corns in Malaysia, cruncher :P

Umbrella decor inside a mall
Too many malls, I don't remember the names

Went to this cafe for tea

See the Christmas trees?
Hahaha, X'mas has already over 2 months, it was Chinese New Year doink
Maybe the boss loves Christmas


SUPER DELICIOUS yam + sweet potatoes "balls"

Chicken Satay

Me posing with the love of my life :P

Slurp, I miss it very much

We are so happy together :)

Some photos before we returned to the hotel

KFC is everywhere, hardly see McDonald..actually I don't remember if I ever see one

Christmas tree again?

Never mind,
Merry Christmas and Gong Hei Fatt Choi



Dr V said...

Yes, I must say...the people in China seem to know when it's short short short short skirt weather, and when it's not! I'm a guy, but I think I've learned to leave the skirts at home during this time of year in Hainan Island. I'll take the hint, "...if you see Christmas trees, don't wear the short skirts." hahahaha

I couldn't help but notice, the "SUPER DELICIOUS" yam and sweet potato balls are on your side of the table, and the check is on Kevin's side. I wonder why? hahaha The other food looks really delicious too. I could go over there right now, just for the corn. haha Jackfruit is another favorite, but I've never seen it fresh like that before.

Very beautiful photos V V! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

violetmay said...

Uuuhhh, we will still wear shorts and short skirts in Malaysia although there's Christmas tree, we don't have winter here :(
and hey!!! Kevin did eat some...he ate 3, er...okay 2 :P

Thank you for liking photos that I posted, hehee :D