Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 4, Old Town Haikou City

We spent about 2 hours in Holiday Beach, the first stop in the city was----->shopping mall
Don't get me wrong, we went to shopping mall for T.O.I.L.E.T., I'm not "really" a shopaholic, hmmm, not to that extent LOL :P

We passed by the food court in the mall, saw some very "delicious-looking" beef satay...however we weren't that hungry, but still...we ordered some and regret after that

Over 80 photos
Photo of me before we touched that plate of delicious beef satay/meatballs, ah...don't miss the snacks and juices on the table

I was happy...

See, these few sticks were TOO perfect
Take a bite and......PUKE!!!!!

I couldn't believe I just invested money on these few sticks of Fake Foods
Alright, it's edible but the taste is too weird, it's not beef, it's not meats...it's like flour and I don't know what they mixed with it until it tasted like PLASTIC, the only thing I remembered was, the IDIOT in the counter told me it's beef and meatballs satay
The Yuckiest foods in the whole trip, spoilt my moods. Before we discarded the whole plate, we used the stick to "destroy" the look of the foods so the IDIOT in the counter wouldn't have chance to take it back from the rubbish bin (it's actually a big basket) and re-sale it to other innocent people like us -_-"

After that we took a walk to the park nearby Haikou Old town

The scenery was great, and my mood was back :)

Isn't this place lovely? :))

The lady is lovely...

...and the man is lovelier, hahaha

If my house is near to this park, I'm sure I will lose few kgs in a month's time
Because the weather and the view here makes me wanna do more exercises :P

Enough of the no name beautiful park, I will now bring you to the Old Town of Haikou 海口老街 :)
It's like a normal market/night bazaar, I was a little disappointed, I expected something like Malacca
Mainly wholesale products here, hardly get things to buy

What duke?

Had tea in a very old/traditional coffee shop

Tried some local cakes
Chicken Floss cake

Pineapple pastries

And this one is erm...I don't know the name, but it's really delicious with condensed milk fillings

Delicious, the only food I liked for the whole day

Very tired me

To be frank, I don't like this coffee shop at all, although the foods were great, but I didn't enjoy it that time. We sat near the kitchen (no choices their business was good) and the kitchen was in REAL MESS, the floor of the entire coffee shop was dirty, oily/slippery and I nearly fell down! Hard to imagine what would happen if I really fell down, because the floor was really dirty. The wall has spiderwebs, it's just like they didn't do spring cleaning for ages...no I'm not complaining I'm just telling what I saw.
The stalls on the street/in the morning market are cleaner (at least I didn't see too much of spiderwebs) and compare to this coffee shop the stalls in night markets I went for the passed few days in Haikou was heaven.
Yes yes yessssssssss, you didn't spot it in the pictures above because everything turn out fine in photos that Kevin and I take (hahahahaha)
I didn't finish the tea and coffee (1 pot each), I felt extremely uncomfortable and I wanted to run away from the place but Kevin asked me to hold on.
I stared at the cakes I ordered and nonetheless the look of the cakes/pastries were tempting...I tried it and I liked it, Ooh...I liked it didn't mean I enjoy it. Do you think your favourite foods would taste as great as it's served on the table than dirty toilet?
...yeah, that's why the tired look

Hey I just checked the photos again, HOLY COW why the coffee shop looked so clean and new in photos?! WHAT THE#$%^&*?!?!
I swear it was really dirty, I'm not kidding with you all...alright, now please take a closer look of the photo has me in it, see the brown color thingy behind me? That's one of the very old foldable table leaning on the wall, right beside me, it's really dirty, dusty, sticky (chewing gum I guess?)/or whatever it is and I swear the wall isn't as clean as the photos shown.
I felt so stupid right now, nobody is going to believe what I just said :(

These things make me wanna puke!

A kind of turtle, they eat it

and these birds...they will help to slaughter if you buy...there is a Dog meat restaurant in Old Town, GOSH! I wouldn't eat it for a million dollar..Okay, maybe I will if someone offer, HAHAHA
Okay it's not funny...I don't understand why they eat dogs.
Try to imagine, bunch of cute puppies/dogs in front of you, and the chef/server asked you
"Which one?" (which one do you wanna eat?)
"This one" you use your finger point at one of the cute innocent dog
"Okay" They drag the dog out and slaughter it in front of you, ta da~
It dies and you would get to taste the flesh of the dog few minutes later
I even saw snakes, and some "no names" animals in Old Town for sale. Just for your information, Old Town is bigger than Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand. We lost our way...

SIGH...why I kept complaining in this entry?
I really like Hainan Island, maybe their market isn't the place I should visit

We lost our way, we weren't in the market anymore
The market actually lead us to the housing area
This is public toilet, the doors of the toilets are only about 2-3 feet, Boohoo~ Everybody can see your AHEM when you pee...and I was glad no one was there with me, hahahaha :P

One funny and excited story to tell you here
I closed the door when I pee (although it didn't help much), right after I pee, I was about to stand up then a lady came in...she took off her pants and underwear without hesitation, pee in front of me (I was inside, she was outside), but when I stood up (remember the door is only 2-3 feet?) I actually saw her...OOH GOSH!!! Almost EVERYTHING. I wondered why she chose to pee on the floor, there were so many toilet bowls there and why did she pee outside, in front of me?! I stood there still...for 3 seconds, after that I realized I was actually staring at her Ahem, immediately I squad down and prayed that she didn't see me...Hahahahahahahahahaha
I want to WASH my eyes now, why did this thing happened to me?!

After she left, I waited for a minute then only I came out, the floor has got her "yellow thingy" and...I have to skip/jump over it -_-"
Please, use the toilet bowls next time

Some photos to end today' entry

I'm a giant, hohoho

A temple in Old Town

Enough for tonight, tata :)



CathJ said...

I really laugh about your toilet story..lol..lol.. observing at other lady 'u knw where'...lol..lol..

About the restaurant.. Yeah from the photo, it looks vintage..and pleasent.. I trying hard to imagine that it was a dirty restaurant as describe by you.. but very hard.. photo look damn niceee....lol...

laverew said...

I stay gone from your blog for a month or more and when I come back to check in your even more beautiful, your amazing............


Dr V said...

Hahaha So you didn't enjoy your Satay sticks, huh? Well maybe you misunderstood that guy, when he said you had a choice of Beef or Plastic Satay. And you must have ordered the Plastic! hahaha

Okay, so if you wanted to go in the back and slaughter your own animal, then they could cook your meatballs to your preference. hahaha

Seriously, I definitely fear the street food in China, because the math just scares me. How do you feed a billion people, and have only so many farms to raise animals?

I saw my first animal slaughtered, and it snapped me into reality. In order to eat meat, which I enjoy, then someone has to kill it. So while killing is a necessity, and I don't enjoy it, I also learned that life shouldn't be taken needlessly. I learned that I shouldn't waste the life or labor that nourishes my body.

P.S.: What's so wrong with helping around the restaurant? Why not just use your dress to clean the floor of the restaurant if you think it's not clean? Next time if you're tempted to fall on a dirty restaurant floor...just go with it! hahahaha

violetmay said...

Hahahaa, according to my mum, it's not difficult to see women's AHEM in China :P
And please don't trust photos I uploaded, I'm still wondering where the dust goes?? Hehee

Thank you Larry, welcome back to my blog :)))

Dr V
Ooh gosh I can't believe you asked me to clean the floor with my white color dress, how mean...hmmmm!
I actually understand your point of view about lives of animals, I watched some very very horrible clips before,wouldn't forget for life..