Saturday, March 7, 2009

A good catch up with Hwei Chen

Shopped with her yesterday in One Utama, really have lots to catch up since our last met 2 months ago (my birthday), she is still working on my birthday present after 2 months, what the?! Hahaha :P I'm soooo looking forward to see what's the gift :P

Padini has got sales...if you think we often shop together, I'm afraid you are wrong.
We know each other for so many years but yesterday was actually our 2nd time BUYING clothes together. We realized we both act very differently when it comes to shopping.
Me (when I'm alone): and when there's sales!!
Grab whatever I think it's good, go to the fitting room, put it on, check left and right, OK or not OK?, then 2nd piece, check left right, OK not OK?, If OK, hang it, not OK, put on the floor

Me with Kevin:
Grab whatever I think he thinks it's good, go to the fitting room, put it on, check left and right, open the door, ask Kevin
"What do you think?"
"Good, very good" (his standard answer, as always), close the door and ask myself OK or not OK?, if OK, hang it, if not OK, put on the floor (HAHAHAHAHA), and repeat the steps for the next piece. Very quick! I only take approximately 1-2 minute(s) to put one on, check left and right, OK not OK? for every single piece. Very seldom for me to put it on for the second time and check left and right OK not OK?. LOL!

That's me

And my friend Hwei Chen (with me of course! I don't know how she acts when she's alone):
Carefully choose, she has to think what will she looks like in it, after choose, go to the fitting room, put it on, check left right (I guess), open the door and wait for me, then when I open the door, she asked
"What do you think?"

"Ooh, it's almost the same with what you normally wear"

"Do you think it's a bit loose/tight/whatever here/there?"

"Ooh, I think it's just fine and you look good"or "No, you have a lot of outfits like this"

"Hmmm...really?" Check left and right


"But I think here/there is not too fit"

"Ooh really? But I think it's okay" or "........"

"Ooh..." she goes in the fitting room try another piece and when she gets out, the conversation between me and her was actually more or less the same with our previous conversation

But, she will try again the clothes she tried earlier on, put it on again and come out and ask the same question again!
And maybe she will try for the 3rd time if she is not too confirm. LOL!!!! Why my friend is soooooo cute? ;)

The funniest part is
She looked surprised seeing me trying everything in fast mode
"Huh? You have already tried these all? Why so fast?!"

Hmmm...actually I don't know if it's my problem...I started to wonder how other women act when they shop? More like me or my best pal? :))
But well, I think we will enjoy our Bangkok shopping trip next year January, we got Free Seats to Bangkok!! Really need to thank Airasia :P

After that, we had our late dinner (9:30pm) in Yoshinoya


and beef

Hey I just realized I'm so tanned! ;)

Loveeeeeeee hanging out with her :D



proteusguy said...

Such cute girls trying on clothes - I think I wouldn't mind having to look 2 or 3 times to answer the same question. :)

BTW - this is a great outfit for your new short hair. Shows off those delicate shoulders. Clearly you have a talent for bringing out your best looks.

violetmay said...

Thank you Ben :)))
Actually I think I no longer look good in photos (after I cut my hair), I don't know which angle is good :(
But your message has brighten up my day! ^^
Thank Q