Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool

Cyn is back again :D
Got a phone call from her Malaysia's number yesterday


"Hello! Wanna guess where I am right now?"

"I don't know..where are you? Are you in KL?" yesterday was April Fool's Day

"I'm in KL!"


"Do you believe?"

"No I don't" I doubted

"Just say you believe! Faster"

"Okay, I believe" Huhuhu...she forced me to believe

"Hahahaha, yes I'm in KL! Happy April Fool's Day"

" you are not in KL?"

"No, I am in KL"

"Ooh...then I'm not fooled..right?"

"...yeah...don't know why I'm not good in lying nowadays"

Well I was really happy to hear the news!
My favourite friend is back again :)
We have a meet up with Kim Wai, Hwei Chen, Wai San and Ket yesterday night

Kim Wai and Cynthia

Hwei Chen and Wai San, with Ket's hand in the photo :P

Ket Mui, I like her new hairdo, nice nice nice :D

Me, wearing Ket's new glasses, she encouraged me to buy the same pair, hmmm me considering about it ;)

Cyn brought some photos to show us, taken few years ago in secondary school

Ermmmmmmmmmm, now I hope you don't spot me in these photos,

Discussed about our Langkawi trip 3 months later, boo hoo~
Can't wait ^^
Me waiting for the next meet up with Cyn, hope she is not that Beee Seeeeeeeeeee ;)



CathJ said...

Girl school?? Same here... You know what??? I hate to see that blue uniform..Jeezz....hahahha

( sorry.. ;-D )

debb13 said...

oooh, i spot ME in those pics! HAHAHAHA!

i miss those days, ym! :(

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I hated that blue pinafore too, but now I miss it very much, sigh old liao old liao lorr ;)

I don't know where I put my school magazine, huhuhu... :'( so sad
Hiyak, it's very obvious you were sitting next to me, lol! :P