Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Genting Highlands, Day 3

My Day 3 in Genting

Packed and prepare to leave

Sigh...why he has got so many calls everyday?

He just woke up...
His red nose is cute :P

Time to say goodbye to our nice room...

It's not safe even if your bathroom door is locked, because..
The closet is connected to the bathroom!
Cool huh? Hahaha ^^

After check out, we dined in Hainan Kitchen again
I'm not giving up until I meet my dream chicken chop, the 1st day chicken chop wasn't what I want!

This time, I ordered Mushroom sauce to go with my chicken chop. Although I know mushroom sauce shouldn't be in RED color, however, who knows?
15 minutes later..

I was terribly WRONG!
It proved mushroom sauce isn't RED color, and it wasn't what I wanted...
Anyway, it looks good

Alright, it's quite delicious...
BUT I still prefer the RED sauce chicken chop! :(

Black pepper and mushroom sauce, I tried both.
Non of them are the sauce that I wanted. I called the captain

"The chicken chop that I tried last year wasn't like this, I remember the sauce was red color and tasted yummier than black pepper and mushroom sauce"

"Ooh...that's Barbecue sauce, the chef changed the menu...so now we only serve 2 types of gravy for chicken chop"

Is the barbecue gravy served with pork chop is the same gravy which went with chicken chop previously?"


"Okay...Can I order another set of chicken chop with barbecue sauce?"

"Hmmm...I'm sorry, I think it's impossible because it's not on the menu..."

"CANNOT?! Ooh pleaseee, I miss that chicken chop very much.."

"Alright, maybe I can request from the kitchen when the restaurant traffic isn't peak, I hope the chef will not mind..."

"Thank you so much! Can I order a set now?"

"Ooh, the kitchen is busy right now, it's lunch time...tea time should be fine"

(-_-")... ......

Okay, now I know what to do next time.
I will order a set of pork chop and a set of chicken chop, and request them to serve the sauces and meats separately (gravy in bowls). So I can dip my chicken chop with barbecue sauce and... I will have my very own hainanese chicken chop! GOOD IDEA! :D
Problem solved ;)

Kevin's Hainanese chicken rice

While we were half-way digesting our foods, I saw somebody that I know
Nicholas! A student from SEGi College, well, I was a course consultant in SEGi College ;)
He was with his friends, they are d*mned humorous... When I approached Nicholas for a photo, his friends encouraged him to stand on the tips of his toes, muahahaha

Right after we stepped out from the mall, we realised Mr. Raining-Heavily was kidding with us for once again. The outdoor theme park was closed due to heavy rain, I couldn't describe my disappointment :(

Back to the mall
Random photos

Snow World
We didn't get in, because
1. I'm not wearing covered shoes
2. I'm wearing shortskirt

Rain stopped at 230pm, it was too late for theme park.
Going home

Ewwww, we saw a police car on the way down
Guess where they were heading to?

Hahaha, I almost forget, police officers are human beings, they need to pray too :D

The first place we went after coming down from Genting was...Imbi Plaza
Kevin needed 3 printers for his and his dad's office

After that, we dine in OldTown Kopitiam in Low Yat Plaza
The service attitude of one of the waitresses was horrible!
She just dumped a pencil and a paper to us, hinted us to write down what we want to order (didn't even bother to use her mouth to ask!) How rude! Come on, what for we pay 10% of service tax to you?
I should have complained to her superior about her service attitude, but I was tired, after spending whole day walking and walking.
Anyway, their foods are not bad, after all they have so many branches in Malaysia.

Nasi Lemak special

Homemade sticky rice
Not really nice..

After dinner, we went to 1 Utama
We shopped for my working clothes (Talking about shopping, my tired and sleepy bugs were all disappeared. LOL!)

Tea time again! ^^
Seed Cafe

Homemade durian ice cream?!
Sold out! :(

Waiting for my...desserts ;)

My strawberry cheese cake...YUM! ^^

(looks like cappuccino)

Chocolate milk shake

And...a satisfied customer :P

Man in tissue mask

Alright, it's time to say bye...
Bye bye my sesame street pals!

PS: I'm working hard on my thesis, no more games :))