Saturday, April 19, 2008

Genting Highlands, Day 1

My mum has a 2-night complimentary stay in Genting Highlands Resort Hotel, it was for Women's Day. The voucher expiry date was end of the month (only for non-peak), we booked the room on Wednesday to Friday.

My mum decided to give this room to Kevin and I because she knew my dad wasn't interested to stay there for 2 nights., me and Kevin were on Holiday in Genting for the past few days. Hehee ;))

The first day, my mum went up with us, because her signature was needed. Genting Highlands is not far from my place, only an hour away.

Resort Hotel

My lovely mama and I

Don't blame him for wearing like...erm :P
He worked half-day and picked us up right after attended to court

Kevin loves candy
... ......
Oh I mean Candid :p

Going up to our room

After check-in, we had our lunch in the casino.
AHahahahaha, that was our first time eating in the casino! But...babes, no camera in the casino :( and by the way, we don't play games that need money. Okie la...I only gamble once every two or three years, during Chinese New Year, and my bet was always small, 10 cents to 20 cents :P

Mum left after dining with us, she rushed back to prepare dinner for her sweetheart, a.k.a. my daddy.
Hanging around with Kevin
We took lots of photos as usual..

Back to hotel

In our room

More photos before we got out

There's a wall mirror in the room, I couldn't stop taking photos, hahaha :'P
Well, it's good to love yourself (thick skin) :P

"Mirror mirror I love you..." I said

Some silly + funny shots

Photos attack!!! :'P

Alright, it's time to move for Dreamz show in The Pavilion Genting

Ladies and gentlemen, camera or video camera are prohibited in the theater...
I don't long as they don't see me :P

I was caught on the spot right after I took this shot, sigh...

"MISS, you are not allowed to take photos in the hall!!!!!! Didn't you know?!" The guy shouted at me angrily

"No, this isn't a camera, it's a toy" I hoped he will believe

"Don't fool me! Do you think I'm as silly as a ice-creamonster?!"

"But...the magician Enrique Polo with the white lion and 2 tigers are with me...oops sorry I mean Kevin Polo with 2 big dogs are with know, dogs bite..."

"Errmmm....well okie okie, you can take hundreds of photos, but make sure you take care of the dogs, don't let it loose!" fears in his eyes, muahahahaa!!!!

Yo people, I'm making story again, pardon me! :P

After the show, we hunted for food
I chose...Hainan Kitchen! ^^
Ooh my god I just mentioned the Hainenese Chicken chop in Genting that day, I considered myself a very lucky girl

My sugar cane with water chestnut! ^^

I ordered Grilled Chicken Chop

"Black pepper or mushroom gravy?" The waitress asked

"Hmmm...I thought there's only one kind of Hainanese Chicken chop?" I didn't remember...

"No, actually you can choose black pepper or mushroom sauce.."

"Ok, I will take black pepper.."

So, this is my black pepper chicken chop...

Well, it doesn't look like what I ate that time!
I remembered the sauce was red color, I forgot what taste was that, only remember that was the most delicious Hainanese Chicken chop I've eaten.

This is Kevin's pork chop served with barbecue sauce (no selection of gravy)

It looks like the sauce served with MY chicken chop last year...right?
It's red color (LOL!)

Anyway, I was happy with what I ordered

Hehehee, but I think Kevin was happier than me :P

Indoor theme park, after dinner

It's merry-go-round!!!

I wanted to take that ride,

"Where is the ticketing booth?" Kevin asked the Malay lady

"I'm sorry, this indoor merry-go-round is not for adult.."

(-_-")... ......

I was very disappointed!

First World Hotel

They have a very "sweet" lobby :))


Mirror again..

"Hello, are you an angel?"

"Who is the manager on duty?"
Gagagaa... :P

Almost 2am, going back to hotel :)

To be continued...
Too many photos, I've to separate my Genting diary into 2 or 3 days :)