Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ket's birthday

Last Thursday 7th May was Ket's birthday, we didn't came out as planned. So we met up on Saturday. To my surprise Ket was actually never been to The Curve, Kim Wai and Wai San were up to something, didn't turn up, Hwei Chen didn't make it as there's miscommunication with me, she thought we would stick to The Pavilion, but Ket and I chose The Curve after knowing Kim Wai and Wai San wouldn't join. I expected Hwei Chen to call me before she left home so I didn't text her, but ooh well...she called me when she was about to reach The Pavilion only as she thought we would stick to the plan, that's why :'(
It's okay, we will stil able to see each other, some day soon :)

Gift I prepared for Ket
Forgot to take a photo before I wrap :S

Hue Ru was at home with me, she said
"It's my trophy! It's mineeee!!"
She grabbed it tight, it's not too hard to imagine my efforts of getting "the trophy' back :P

Ket picked me up about 1pm,
That's Ket! Love her pony tails ^^

She is skinny, not me fat okay?
'm trying to hide the fact :P

Had something to eat in Just Dessert Cafe

Octopus balls

Curry fishballs

Don't just eat okay? Get your trophy and take a photo! :P

No photos of her unwrapping the gift, because...we totally forgot about it and realized it later when we were both back

Happy belated birthday, sweetie! I really hope we will meet up on YOUR birthday which is 7th of May next year, and next next year, and next next next year, and next x 10 years! ^^
May you be happy everyday, love ya! :)



CathJ said...

Girlll...you not fat okay.... (>_<)


violetmay said...

haha, okay not fat but chubby k? :P

Dr V said...

Stealing "trophies" from little defenseless kids, huh? Well aren't you a special aunt! hahaha

Happy birthday Ket! Hope you'll enjoy good health and love in this year, and all the years to come.

violetmay said...

I will let Ket knows, thank you Dr V! ^^