Monday, September 28, 2009

Bee Leng (Michelle) and Victor's marriage registration ^^

Another couple getting married after Eling's registration last week ^^
2009 is a good year ^^
Michelle (actually I call her Bee Leng) was my secondary schoolmate, we were so closed, we went to school few hours earlier (almost everyday!) just to chat and have each other companion. I remember there was a time, I fell down... I didn't cry, but she cried. That's very sweet of her, I wouldn't forget her tears...the first time a friend cried for me :)
But, we weren't in the same class after 2 years, that was why we started to have other friends. Anyway, we still keep in touch after we graduated, and I'm really glad she invited me to witness this very special day of her life :)))
Michelle and Victor, on 26th of September, 2009

The perfect match! ^^

While waiting for the Assistant Registrar of Marriages

You could see they actually were very happy, Michelle nearly burst into laughter! Hehee! :D

Now she laughed, LOL! :P

Exchanged rings

With their marriage certificate

Our friends
Front row left to right: Jasmine, Michelle and I
Behind, left to right: Shirley, Seow Yee and Ginny

with Victor

Bee Leng and I! ^^
She still looked the same after so many years :P

Jasmine and her boyfriend Kenneth


With Victor's mum

Wishing them a very very happy life. I believe Victor will take good care of Michelle and Michelle will be a very lovely and considerate wife :)

After that, the girls went to Timesquare for Karaoke! ^^
We LOVE karaoke

That's Seow Yee and Ginny singing

Selecting songs

Hahhaa, I just realized my dress is kind of funny :P
p/s: But Cute!

Some stupid thing I did

Bee Leng and I!

Shirley Wan Teng and I

She looked drunk, but I swear we didn't consume alcoholic beverages

with Seow Yee

Ginny and I

Group photos!

More gatherings please! ^^



Dr V said...

Congratulations Bee Leng and Victor! I must say...the soon-to-be-groom has a very elegant and special name, so I know he'll make a marvelous husband. ^_*

That's a touching story about how Bee Leng cried after you fell down. Of course you didn't cry, because your brain and body were temporarily disconnected. Only Bee Leng's tears brought you back to sanity. hahaha Seriously, it really is a touching story. Not everyone cares enough to cry your tears, so she's definitely special.

How interesting V V is proudly singing with the beer advertisement in the background. Looks almost like we're being encouraged by V V to drink all the beer our bodies can hold! haha

CathJ said...

Wahhhh.... So many people tying their knot... tick tock tick tock.. when is your turn.. ^_^... ok ok...soryyy... you sure pissed off this question.. ;-p

violetmay said...

Dr V
LOL!!! Well...we didn't consume liquor that day :P I have no idea why the person in charge assigned us to that Tiger Beer theme room, I saw they actually have other nicer themes! ;P

Me ar, aiyak why this question again? Hahahaa! :P