Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back

I'm back!
Typhoon signal 8 in Hong Kong the night before our flight was unforgettable...nothing much, just strong wind, heavy rain and thunderstorm, rainstorm......whatever you call it.

We stayed in the hotel, and had Nissin Noodles, yum! Nissin cup noodles is delicious! ^^

Oops...wrong picture! :P

Lots of photos, most probably more than 5000 photos (still counting...transferring photos from memory stick to my laptop seems to be a very tough job right now!), need some time to organize it...more later :)



Mike said...

5000 photos!? Mercy! Let the photo goodness Begin!

violetmay said...

I need time to sort all out! ;)))

Dr V said...'re so lucky to go to Hong Kong at the right time! Now you and Kevin have a heart-warming story to tell about a romantic dinner eating gourmet Nissin Noodles by candlelight. hahaha

Seriously, too bad about the typhoon, but I'm happy to know you're okay. ^_^

violetmay said...

Ermm...he didn't like that noodles, I have to force him to eat it :S
Anyway it was a great experience in HK during typhoon 8, hahaha!