Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Karaoke session with Dearest Christine.. ^^

..and her friends ;)

After meeting Ket, met Christine and her friends for Karaoke in Neway :)
Foods again! Didn't eat much tho

My best friend Christine

and her friends! ^^

The foods were quite good, but I wasn't hungry, only have a tiny little bit of foods that night

Mango sago

and no, I didn't touch this plate -_-"
started to regret..

Christine and I :)

Christine's colleague Wen (actually I don't know the spelling, should be spelled as Wen la), it's a candid snapshots, thus he looks funny ;P

Hiyak, I don't know, as long as not Freaky will do, LOL :P

And...Alex (Christine's boyfriend)'s best friend. I forgot his name...huhuhuuu :'(((
Told you I'm bad in names

Left to right, Chew, Ah May and ermmm...

and he is of Alex's friends

The girl in brown singlet is Wen's girlfriend, sweet lady! ^^

Alex and Christine, the loving couple, sweet to death!
No sugar needed, that's why Sugar is with me :P

Finally, my bestie Christine and I!

This is what we called "sing K"

BUAHAHAHA! I have no idea why Alex looked like that :P

More photos


Let's dance! :P

Hehee, this is "forced-to-sing" version

"Come on baby, let's sing together"

"Hey hey hey don't force me"

"Come on!"

"Arghh...I can't breath"

"Come let's sing!!"

"Okay I give up"

This is called best friends! :D

Our turn!


Ah wait, Christine and I are in this photo, so who took this photo?!

All of us :)

They are all very friendly and humorous! ^^
It's fun hanging out with them :)))

Before we left :)

Looking forward to meet her again :D



laverew said...

Pretty white dress your wearing.........I don't believe that I have ever read before that you were not hungry.....


violetmay said...

Hahaha, now you read ;)

CathJ said...

My family fav place.. ;-p (Neways..near leisure mall ah??) ^_^

Dr V said...

Great photos! I can almost hear "Freaky" Ricky Martin singing 'Living La Vida Loca' coming right through the Internet. And my speakers are even turned off! hahaha I know...his name is NOT Freaky! ^_^

Looks like a fun group! It's great when you can go out with such a large group and find everyone so nice.

As for you not being hungry...well let's just say it's smart of you to always be taking the photos. You can put the camera down and gobble all the food on the table like a polar bear, and then say you ate like a little bird. hahaha

violetmay said...

Yeah Cath!! It's a nice place, just hard to get parking lot ;)

Dr V just know me too well! :P