Thursday, September 17, 2009

Short update

Too many photos, too little time!!!

I have bunch of photos, including old ones like Langkawi, A Famosa, some celebrations, HK trip, and upcoming weekend trip with family in Kuantan. Around 10,000 new photos! -_-"

AND!!! My sister Eling marriage registration tomorrow, I MUST be there to snap snap snap photos of this very special, important time of her life!!! Oh My GOD I'm going nuts :P

Getting is great, I'd love to post up more photos to share with you, is crazy at the same time, too many things to catch up after a week vacation in HK.

What's more?
I got myself (AHEM, Kevin got me) a new mobile phone!!! :D It's super cute and I'm loving it, definitely will stick to it for at least a good few years, heee! ^^

I'm really very sleepy...need to got up early tomorrow...
LAST but not least, today is my beloved sister Joan's 27th birthday!!!
Happy birthday to her, may all her wishes come true, there's no way to celebrate this special day with her, as her fiance Guo Wei would definitely brought her for nice dinner :D
Happy birthday to you!!! Muacksssssssssssssssss
Sister forever!!!!! ^-^v



Dr V said...

Lots of photos, huh? Well why don't I see any here????? hahahaha I'm the one getting dizzy, because I'm straining my eyeballs so much looking for photos!!!!!! hahaha

Happy belated birthday Joan! I hope your 27th is the start of the best years of your life.

violetmay said...

I need more time, forgive me please :P