Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meeting friends! ^^

Meet my friends, Vivien and Chee Mei :)

Vivien and I

Didn't see them for a very long time, at least 1-2 years! ^^
Chee Mei called me the other day, told me Vivien has something to discuss with me...I heard the word "discuss" and thought Vivien is doing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or selling insurance. LOL! You can't blame me, because lots of my old friends suddenly called me after so many years and all they wanted is to have me sign up their programs. I always turned them down and never wanted to go out with them, if they ring me for gathering, I'd love to join them, but not direct selling products, or insurance, I've already got mine.
Chee Mei is a very sweet and humorous girl, same goes to Vivien. I wanted to meet them eagerly, kind of miss my old buddies from the same school :D
I didn't think twice, didn't care if they are approaching me for this or not, I just said yes I'll come out and guess what, when we met, I realised they just wanted to talk, and meet for drinks! (and no they are not selling insurance or MLM) Haaahahaha, I really thought TOO MUCH! :P
Anyway, LOVE meeting them!!! Really, I wish to go out with them again, good shopping buddies...and we chatted non-stop for hours and hours until our throats all dried up :D

We had lunch in Kim Gary

My black pepper beef spaghetti, LOVE IT! Definitely will order again and again

And we took LOTS of photos..actually nothing much today, just photos and photos. I was really happy spending time, hanging out with Chee Mei and Vivien, really appreciate they took the initiative to call for a gathering, not much people take the efforts to call their friends for meet up ;)
Photos in Food and Tea Restaurant

Hope you enjoy the photos, and feel the happiness we shared

camwhoring with red beans shaved ice


We left the restaurant right after this picture, I was too excited and left my camera on the table...
I don't remember how long later, I realized it...we rushed back to the restaurant and was really glad the staff in Food and Tea Restaurant kept it safely! I would say today is one of my very happy and lucky days! :D



debb13 said...

wahhh! chee mei and vivian!! i havent seen them since form 5!! they still look the same! never grow old wannn!! unlike meeeee... how come like that?! hehehe!

violetmay said...

Hmmpffff!!! I felt old sitting next to them, they still look like 18, so unfair laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Dr V said...

It's good that you ordered shaved ice to quench those dusty dry throats from all the talking. We know V V can talk until her tonsils turn to dust, but it's great knowing you have Chee Mei and Vivian to call-on when you want that kind of conversation...and of course cam whoring! haha

You and your friends are adorable! The photos definitely made my day. The Internet community should set-up a fund, so we can keep these cute photos coming. ^_^

Thanks again for sharing!

P.S.: I know exactly what you mean about the MLM meet-ups. I just start telling my friends that I really cannot participate, because I'm saving for that double-kidney and brain transplant surgery. Then they sympathize my difficult financial position. hahaha

violetmay said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I bet you really said that to your friends :P