Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pulay Payar - Part 2

After snorkeling, the next program would be Shark feeding :D
And no...we didn't feed the shark, but the staff do
Riding this boat to the island

One by one!

The island is merely 3 minutes away, or was it 2 minutes? Ooh wait...1 minute? :P
Hiyak, it's just nearby ;)

That's the platform we settled down just now

Going to see shark feeding


On the way,
we played this A.E.I.O.U. Freeze!!

Stupid pose :P

Evon was done with the A.E.I.O.U. HAHAHA

Nice beach!

Beautiful Cynthia :D

See the crowds?

That's where people see shark feeding

No sharks no sharks..

Where are you sharks?

There there there!!
The orange color creatures are sharks..
quite disappointed, lots of sharks but all baby sharks, thought the sharks are as least my size -_-"


Ket mui and I

Smack you!

Lick it lick it

Random photos

Some photos before we got back to the platform

Ket mui and Christine decided to swim back to the platform, Cynthia and I took boat! :D
Wait for meeee

Cynthia and I

I love this pic! Thanks Cyn :)))

Next up, final part of Pulau Payar :)



CathJ said...

Beautiful scenery... and lots of happy gals.. ^_^

laverew said...

Who is the beautiful woman with the sunglasses on in the last photo. The woman toward the front of the picture...........It really is a great photograph of you.....


Dr V said...

Shark feeding a disappointment because you only saw baby sharks, huh? Well did you notice if any members of the group that came on the boat with you were missing? I think they had the large shark feeding somewhere different. Maybe by special invitation...or maybe they told you where it was. And that's why you and Cynthia took the boat back instead of swimming back. Hmmmmm...the mystery continues! hahaha :p

Even if you didn't actually witness any of the guests being eaten by the big hungry sharks, it still looked like a fun experience to me. Just being on the beach would be enough for me, although I stay in the 1mm shallow water on the beach. No need in tempting the sharks to come and nibble on my delicious body. :p

As always, these photos really make my day! Watching all the funny poses and big smiles makes me smile as well. There's a lot to be said about vacations...and maybe I should take one next year. ^_^

P.S.: Notice how all your friends were moving away when you hit that crazy pose? Nobody wanted to be in the frame with you doing that one! hahaha :p

violetmay said...

I miss going out with them, it's fun travel with bunch of girl friends :D

Hhmm...I think I know her. Haha! :P
Thank you for the compliment :)

Dr V
I noticed that too...they were just shy in front of camera. LOL! :P