Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pulay Payar - Part 3

The final part of Pulau Payar, finally...I didn't feel like posting these photos up, because I think it's kind of boring after seeing so many photos of Pulau Payar, I started to feel sick of it. BUT, the photos below are superb, so I decided to just post it la :P

P/s: I didn't mean these few...photos taken on the glass-bottom boat. It's one of the activities of our tour package.
Not really impressive, if I were given the chance to choose again, maybe I will choose another package which is cheaper.

No fishes..

and no colourful corals

Hmmm...but it's a different experience...okay, I will still choose this package after all :P

Underwater Observatory!
Holy Cow, I really looked like a cow.. -_-"
I MUST lose a few kgssss, hmmppf!

The girls

Photos taken by me, hehee :P

and this little boy, kept posing for photos

See!! He purposely swan in front of Helen and I, I think he wanted us to take his photos, so I snapped a few


Now this is Helen!

And Christine! ^^
Seriously...they HAVE to THANK me for these nice photos, muahahahhaa :P

And there was a guy...trying to show me something

See, what's this?!

I don't know what that is, but I think it's poisonous..he was too kind to risk his life for me..
LOL!! I'm just kidding, I don't even know who he is until now!

I like this picture a lot :D

And no...Kevin please don't risk your life taking this ball to show me, there's no need to prove your love to me this way :P (in case he is jealous, hehee!)

The GOOD swimmers :D

This is the little boy who posed for photos earlier, he is from New Zealand! Super CUTE! :D

One the way back to hotel


I started to miss my friends...huhuhuhh :'(



CathJ said...

great trip.. I am enjoying all the photos.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath, happy to know you like it ;D

Dr V said...

Hey, I'm sure your friends like the photos you took of them diving. But I have a feeling they would have named their kids after you if you would have taken those photos without that thick glass in the way. hahaha Seriously, that's very cool that you could record their adventure for future generations. They're great swimmers! Hey, I'm really good at diving too...even when I'm trying to stay on the surface, I end up doing a marathon running along the bottom of the pool. ^_^

That little kid is something! It's amazing the price V V makes little boys pay just to take a picture with her. haha It's tough being a boy, and it doesn't get any easier when boys become men. haha

I definitely wouldn't want Kevin to prove his love for you by grabbing Sea Urchins for you. Well, maybe if he's got a huge disability insurance policy, and you need to pay-off some bills. Then it's a noble gesture to lose some fingers, or arms to show some affection to the woman he loves. hahaha

I'm sure you ladies can't wait until the next vacation together. ^_^

violetmay said...

You have great imaginations :P