Friday, September 18, 2009

Eling and Andy's marriage registration! ^^

Out of so many happening events, I guess today is the most significant event after younger sister Eling is getting married! ^^
Today, 18th of September is their 4th year anniversary, which means they have been together for 4 years. It was a super duper busy day, I didn't go to work (it's obvious) and went to Thean Hou Temple to witness this very special day of our lives :)
I'm very sleepy, brain couldn't function well, tomorrow is another early day...for now, I'll just let the photos show you the whole story :)

I'm very happy for Eling and Andy, now we're planning for the wedding dinner already! ^^
More happy days ahead, may Eling and Andy live happily ever after :D



CathJ said...

Violet??????????????? your small sister is it???

When is your turn????? ah-hem... ohhh... I think will be soon... ^_^

violetmay said...

Haha, yeah she's my one and only younger sister ;) Will register next year, hehee! ;)

Mike said...

Congratulations all around!!

violetmay said...

Thank you Mike! ^^

Dr V said...

Congratulations Eling and Andy!!!! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness that you can only achieve with each other.

This is for Andy. cannot ask for any more gifts for the rest of your life, because you hit the jackpot my friend! So after your wedding day, live peacefully, because you've found all the good luck any man can ask in one lifetime. ^_^

My favorite photo is where Eling is giving Andy directions when papers are being signed at the table. Get comfortable with her guidance...she's so smart because she's thinking with her heart and her head. ^_^

Thanks for sharing this special event V V! We always appreciate your generousity.

violetmay said...

Thank you for the good wishes! Dr V ^^