Saturday, September 19, 2009

What happened today

Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidilfitri, long weekend. Should be in Kuantan at this time...if the stupid toll's gate didn't hit our car's windscreen this morning :(
Dad's mood was totally spoilt, he was frustrated and didn't want to go to Kuantan anymore. I wanted to make a complain to the toll management, but dad thought it's troublesome. We just went to Kuala Lipis for foods, then went home.
Kuala Lipis

The small Chinese cafe is near to this river

See, my dad was unhappy :(

Me too...didn't expect all this.

It was all because of the stupid crazy toll gate! I should have insisted to make a big complain about our car's windscreen to the management, hmmmpf!

Better luck next time!



CathJ said...

Have a good day today...

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath, today is really a good day :)

Dr V said...

Wow...that's some terrible luck! I know exactly how your dad feels too, because I think I'd have to spread my misery to the toll gate management people. I wouldn't be content to keep all those loving feelings to myself. Afterall, my agenda for the day wasn't to crack my windshield with a tollgate. Sure it was an accident, but keeping it to myself would only spoil the trip for the family. I'm rambling now, so I'm spoiling your day too. hahaha

Hope the rest of the trip went better.

violetmay said...

It was a real bad day, it supposed to be a happy 3D2N vacation...huhuhuu :'(
Anyway, there's always another time! ;))