Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello...Kitty :)

I was a fan of Hello Kitty erm...13 years back
Holy cow! I really hate to say XX years back or something like that, make me feel weird and old. I remember I only used Hello Kitty pencil case, I didn't want to use others. Hello Kitty was quite pricey that time, but my mum always got what I want! :O
But after a while, all of the people in my school (my friends and some other people I don't know) started to use Hello Kitty's stuff, made me sick and my Kitty fever gone. Sigh...sometimes I'm like this...I like it when it was not that "popular", but once a lot of people are using/loving it, it's no longer unique so why use?!

The first day we landed Hong Kong on 09.09.09, we passed by Hello Kitty fashion store in Kowloon when we were on the way to meet Kevin's cousin brother Alex. Somehow I felt so excited over it. Kevin had me to buy a few outfits and I changed on the spot. Ta da~

Okay, it didn't look so "Kitty" as the cardigan is in ivory and the dress is black color, but hey!! The Hello Kitty plastic bag to put the purchases was cute!!

After we had tea with Alex, Kevin and I walked around the mall...
we passed by Broadway Electronic shop, and...I saw this!
It's Hello Kitty!!!!
Oh MY HOLY COW it's Hello Kitty mobile :D

It's Sony Ericsson W395, Hello Kitty ...what's more? It's limited Edition and only available in HK, currently. I'm not sure if other countries sell it, it's based on the little info provided in the brochure ;)

I don't know how, and I don't know why I felt soooooo in love with it. Instantly I knew the Kitty fever is back :D
It's HKD 1380, not too expensive. Kevin wanted to buy for me, but I didn't want to make a hurried decision...we checked another models, Kevin saw another one which the functionality is much more better and with nicer camera in another electronic store. There's no surprise the price was almost double the Kitty phone! He tried to persuade me to get it, not the Kitty phone, I knew he wanted to get a better one for me :)
Ooh well...I thought it's better to get the 2nd model, but by the time Kevin was about to make payment, my heart suddenly sank and I stopped him. I didn't want is hard to earn, we've spent few thousands for this 7D6N trip. I didn't want him to spend too much, but at the same time he wanted to offer me his best. I told the sales girl I was very sorry and wanted to reconsider about it, she was very dead mad at me! I didn't understand why she was so mad, I didn't even touch the mobile yet..Ahh yes, maybe she was mad because she wouldn't get the commission if I don't buy it. I couldn't care much...boyfriend or to please a person that I don't even know her name? You know I will choose Kevin. I will never buy something just to please the sales person.

Anyway, 6 days are enough to make a sober decision. On Day 7, I decided I really prefer/like/love the Kitty phone :) Thus, we went to a electronic store in Mongkok, and got it! ^^

So cute!!


What would you do when you get something that you love?
I camwhore :P

Hehehe, sorry, it's all the same pose :P

But I was really happy! ^^

I'm going to use it for at least a good few years ;)

Would LOVE to thank my beloved fiancee Kevin for this little present! ^^
I love you! :D



Dr V said...

Well look who got sooooo excited by the Hello Kitty store! I can only imagine the huge pressure poor Kevin had on him to spend a month's salary on Hello Kitty products. Consider yourself lucky Kevin that your financee wasn't a fan of black pearls when she was younger, because then it would have been time to sell his kidneys to satisfy his V V. hahahaha

I'm happy that there was something fun to do, even though the weather wasn't perfect when you and Kevin arrived in HK. ^_^

violetmay said...

The weather wasn't perfect, but it's really a great experience, maybe only once in our lifetime :)