Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Makam Mahsuri (Kota Mahsuri), Langkawi Island

Second last station in Langkawi, Makam Mahsuri, it's very far from where stayed.

We nearly got lost in the jungle although GPS was there to help. Something was wrong with the location map, and we actually have to stop and asked a few grannies who happened to pass by our car where this Makam Mahsuri located.
Hehee, maybe not jungle :P

Reached there finally!

Cute Christine posing at the welcoming board

The visiting hours

Makam Mahsuri, clicke HERE if you wanna know more the story of the young lady, Mahsuri

Kedah Village




Kota Mahsuri is a must visit spot if you go to Langkawi, although it's really nothing you can do there except reading the story of Mahsuri and watching the short video clips in the Muzuem, it helped you to know more of this beautiful island. We didn't plan to skip this spot, would be like, going to Paris but didn't visit the Eiffle tower (Okie, Eiffle Tower is much more interesting) -_-"

Hey...maybe this place isn't that boring, see what we saw?
They have got a small eagle here as's not a statue ;)

Next up, I'm going to show you the giant Eagle statue in Dataran Lang! ^^



Dr V said...

Wow...beautiful countryside drive! Remember not to hire me as your driver, because I'd be driving on the wrong side of the road over there. That's not usually a good thing...and not something the GPS can help with either. haha

Love the "jail" poses! haha It's a really pretty place. I see another eagle there too. I've seen more eagles there than I've seen in my country...where the eagle is the national symbol. Perhaps we at all the eagles, claiming they were really chickens. haha

They asked their museum guests to remove their shoes, but no one said that you should also smile so bright. I'm sure they'd love to get some of your photos for their promotional materials for the museum. My advise...don't sell the photos cheap! ^_^