Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year! 舞狮没舞龙

Yuppee I didn't forget about the Lion dance! :D
In Michell's place right after my granny house

Michael and family

Lion head!

Sweet Hue Ru, waiting for the lion dance

Kong Chai just woke up ;)

Joan and Hue Ru

I must be daydreaming, sad I don't have extra shot :(
Kevin loves to take 2-3 "about-the-same" shots, just in case this happen we always have another similar one, but apparently I couldn't expect my bro Weng to do the same. Haha ;)


Michell, the video-woman!

Random pics

Finished :)

Haha :P

Next up, Uncle's place :)



CathJ said...

you look pretty with the hair.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath :)
..Thank god my money wasn't wasted! :P

Dr V said...

Happy CNY V V!!!!! I missed your posts, and I'm glad to be able to see your family celebrate the holiday.

Your niece looks like she's really growing! Soon she'll be carrying you and her mom for the photos. ^_*

P.S.: I know how eagerly people await the lion dance for the CNY. The rest of the year people take video of me thinking I'm wearing a lion costume and doing a lion dance, and I'm just going to and from work in my best clothes. hahaha

violetmay said...

Sometimes they grow too fast I nearly forgot when was the last time they cry for pacifier.. ;)))