Friday, March 26, 2010

Sing K with Chee Mei!

Sing K with Chee Mei the other day :D

Fried rice, yucky!!
YES I mean, YUCKY.
We ordered Thai Fried Rice, it was tasteless...don't trust this pic, no thumbs up hmppf!

Anyway for sure we have ways to enjoy ourselves, like, chose really "hard to sing songs" like Bad Romance, err...and etc etc, couldn't remember songs we chose. And we took bunch of photos!

Wanna know why we laughed our heads off?

We have no idea how it happened, the glass dropped on the floor (?) (I don't remember!), but we were on self-timer...I only remember Chee Mei shouted
"The glass!!"

The camera timer was already counting down *blinking*, I couldn't take my eyes off it and so I said
"It's okay!!! We're on self-timer take photos first!!" we burst into laughter soon after realized what stupid thing I said. We should have take up the glass and pose for photos later -_-"

and of course, we laughed about other silly things as
I slipped down at the middle of countdown (timer), it's candid ;P


You know, I only have 2 hands...and I need 2 hands to adjust the camera, I didn't realize how funny it looked "down there" until Chee Mei saw and laughed her head off -_-"
She asked why I did that so I told her I only have 2 hands, so she said...
"You can put it on the table.."
What's wrong with me -_-"
I didn't think of that!!!

We continued camwhoring after that, nothing could stop us :P

Awwww, that's sweet

I kissed a girl and I liked it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it :P

Kim Gary for lunch, remember the yucky fried rice?

Sipping my champagne tri-color ice, hmmmpf! :P

Guess what...I met my friend Vinny in Kim Gary, what a small world! Didn't meet her for a super long time, was it...3 years already? GOSH!!

After that, went to Wendy's for burger, it was few hours after Kim Gary, in case you wonder

I love meeting Chee Mei, so fun spending time with her, AH!!! We went to Putrajaya a week later, now I shall start checking back those silly shots we took in car :P



CathJ said...

fuh yoooo... 18sx..

I laugh alone looking how you put the mic on your thighs!! lol...

violetmay said...

LOL, I didn't know it was that funny :P

Dr V said...

Hahaha Well, well, well. Looks like a lot of V V qualities are on-display at karaoke. Maybe Kevin might want to get a DNA test done to know what he's getting into. hahaha

violetmay said...

Gagaga...I'm sure Chee Mei and I are "virus-free" :P

Mike said...

Looks like a lot of fun!