Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding luncheon 01.01.2010

I know it has been "a while"...but time really flies, it's about Rocket Speed... no one can blame me for posting late :P
Wow I didn't aware my darling sister Eling got married for 3 months already! If "anything" happened, Eling would be somebody's mummy in a few more months HAHAHA :P
It's a photo post (as usual), 63 photos, credit to Kevin, Genki (my sweet cousin in case you have no idea), Cirphy (a.k.a. Joan, my sister) and myself, too any photos, HUGE mess...that's why I needed more time to make this entry (isn't it a good excuse? ahem!)
Anyway, photos!
In Nasty Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, Berjaya Timesquare

Names of VVIP such as Andy's parents and my parents

The bride and groom!
Andy and Eling!

Th wedding arch, lovely

Table arrangements

Guest-book...hey I don't remember if I signed it -_-"
hey hey hey!!! I think I did!

Wrist ribbons I made...made 20+ of these, consumed a good few hours

I'm sure I was daydreaming while waiting for the arrival of guests

But it was REALLY busy afterward...all guests came around the same time. Couldn't breath ushering

My parents :)
look at here, dad!

MY FAVOURITE PIC! I don't know, I think not much bride pose with "peace" LOL!
Many thanksssss to Genki! :D

Genki and Pui Kei, both are my cousins.
See their gadgets? Woot! They were our official photographer that day, hehee ;)

Random captures

with my aunts

Hahaha, look at Weng

Luncheon started late at 1 plus

Okay, this is my favourite photo too
Smile looking at Hue Ru's white little dress :)

Guo Wei and Joan
Their wedding dinner is this coming September

Joan and I :)

Guo Wei's family

Kevin's parents were here too

Andy's family, from Segamat!

Random captures

Eling's colleagues

Andy's colleagues

My cousin brothers

Aunt and uncle

Cake cutting

My beautiful mum :)

Yam Seng!

Now you see who are the photographers :P

Yam Seng table by table

Dad and son, hehee

Yam Cha ceremony

Last but not least...the most important part..
Money to pay the bill! :P
These are monies from Angpao we collected the day itself, it's the "common practice" to pay everything before the end of event, no credit cards accepted, all in cash! Come to think of it... it's scary to bring all these monies to go home, why not just pay the restaurant in one go? Hehee!

I'm checking on Segamat photos, I'm thinking to post it tomorrow :)
till then~



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