Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding "eve", Segamat

On 09.01.2010, we went to Andy's hometown, Segamat Johor. Wedding luncheon is a day later which was on 10.01.2010 (lol! playing with numbers again)
This is Andy's parents house, he grew up here. I guess his mum loves gardening, you can see lots of plants in the house ;)

Eling's friends (jimuis) were there too, prepared games to play with "heng dai" tomorrow morning

Andy's dad greeted us with Durians!!!

All of us LOVE durians, even my grandma loves it too
...pardon the heart, I looked like shit there

Weather was TERRIBLE, very very hot! Sweat non stop...wasn't in the mood to take photos, just a few shots
Eling and Hue Ru

Michael and Kong Chai

Kevin and I :)

Moving to the house we rented in Segamat :)

It's a Semi-D located 10 minutes from Andy's home

Cute pic!

Had lunch in a kopitiam nearby

Haha I looked so tired there

After that we had a walk in city centre

Chinese New Year "was" coming, red lanterns/chinese new year decor everywhere, selling cheap! :D

Giant pineapple! Kevin tried to compare the size with RM1 -_-"

At night, went to Andy's home for dinner buffet


Andy and Eling :)

Baby and baby


Niece and nephew getting excited, it was the first time they saw firecrackers

These kids were brave, I would never lit up any firecrackers myself -_-"

Hmm...that's all for today, it's freaking hot here, I need my air-cond room, bye!