Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updates of me life

Busy week, it was a busy week...didn't sleep well for the past few days. Joan is in Japan with Guo Wei, they won't be back until next weekend, I'm sleeping alone at night :'(
Ah! Maybe it was the reason for sleepless nights? I HATE sleeping alone...wanted to bring Sugar on bed, but after days of sleeping/cuddling with her on bed, I'm afraid she would cry sleeping in her own room after a week. I decided not to!
Took some photos in office, only 4 pics

How sweet.. :)

Hehee! She was very sleepy, thus the funny look :P

Very sleepy, 'am going to sleep!



Dr V said...

SUGAR!!!!! haha You're wise not to let Sugar sleep with you for the time that your sister is away. Certainly Sugar wouldn't understand and accept the change back to her own place when your sister returned.

I know what you mean about not sleeping well when someone isn't around. People all say that my heavy snoring helped them fall into a deep coma a lot faster. Without me, they just couldn't reach that deep-level sleep. hahaha

violetmay said...

Haha, maybe they feel safe sleeping beside you? ;P