Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sugar, all shaved!

As some of you may noticed, Sugar didn't shower for 3 weeks after the surgery. Sugar and I waited for 10 days... to remove stitches, during this period of time, she didn't like me to comb her hair or touch her face. Her hair was all tangled up, in terrible mess... the 10th day, I thought I could finally give her a good bubble bath but unfortunately.. her skin was terribly "ripped off", I HATE that adhesive tape pasted on her belly! We waited another 10 days or so to bath her.
She still smelt bad after 2 round of shampooing, too much tangles I have to surrender, conditioner is no way to help!
Thus, 2 weeks later which was last Saturday, I brought her to grooming centre, and told groomer Sugar needs a nice shave.
The groomer was unsure I really mean it, she asked me few times...
"Are you sure?"

"Is there another way out?" I pointed at her messy hair..

She got it...and 45 minutes later..

What are you?

Sniff sniff..

Sexy thighs you've got..

Wowww look at ya feet

OoHHHhhh My!!!
It's Sugar! I'm glad I asked the groomer to leave her face hair alone

She looked all miserable...I hope it's not because of the haircut
P/S: Look at the scar on her belly :'(

She was too tired she slept on my chest

At home

"Momma I hate you..I'm all naked now"
She looked absolutely naked without hair, haha

Hehee, actually I feel Sugar doesn't mind at all, she did feel "something is not right" the moment I put her on ground, she ran and paused...back to normal again in a few blinks!


Waiting for treats

She's getting excited

Nom nom nommm

My favourite pic of the day!

It's really different having a shaved Yorkie, I felt like I'm holding a human baby now...I don't know how to describe (bad at it), I feel like touching a baby's head when I hold her little body. Hmmm...mum and I love it, but dad dislike Sugar's new look, he said Sugar looks like an alien now(?)



CathJ said...

Poor sugar... but for the best right... must put on shirt for sugar lah like that... :)

violetmay said...

Haha, she did have a few photos with clothes on, but she hates it :(
waste my $ -_-"