Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding day, Segamat - Part 1

Photos taken by me, part 2 would be photos taken by the photographer :)
Just a sneak preview, 35 pics (lol, maybe this isn't sneak preview)

My beautiful sister waiting for her Prince Charming :)

Talking on the phone, with her loved one

with Michell


and I

Family portrait

Eling's ji muis (close friends)

All Ji muis, including Joan and I :)

Gift from her best friend, Wai Lan

Feel like a superstar :)

Show Game time

Andy's aunts

and Andy's sisters :)

Little Hue Ru :)

Darling and I

Princess waiting for her Prince
...I feel my eyes are turning red, suddenly feel so lonely, I'm sleeping alone again
Couldn't believe my sister is married..
I love you, Eling, I believe Andy is the man who will love you for life. I'm happy for you :)

After all the "torturing games", the groom was all ready to bring her bride home :D

I didn't take too much pics, it was my sister's wedding. I'd rather spend more time with her instead :)
Hmmm...I just recently got photos from her wedding photographer in Segamat, will choose and post some, till then~



Dr V said...

Such a gorgeous bride!!!! No need to look for Andy from the window, because Andy already knows that he's the luckiest guy ever. ^_^

Oh, and is it fair for the bride to see the groom before the wedding, when the groom can't see the bride? HUH???? hahaha

violetmay said...

LOL! It's how we usually do.. :P