Monday, March 15, 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year! 随同母亲回娘家

I don't know what's wrong with me, life is too busy I kept forgetting things, simple really simple things. I walked into a room, wanted to take something...then, I forgot what I wanted to get. Walked out from that room, back to living room, sat down...suddenly I remember I should get t-shirt and shower. Took a mug, opened fridge, stared straight wanting to get something but I forgot what it was...closed the door, and recalled I need ice cubes. Opened my handbag, searching... realized I forgot what I was actually looking in my bag, zipped it back, ah I need to check if my office and car keys are in. Things like that
Wanted to blog, I should continue talking about OCT East, but the moment I opened my album folders, I forgot what I wanted to talk about, then I saw Eling's wedding photos and decided to post it up. Today, I wanted to continue Segamat's wedding luncheon, I saw Chinese New Year photos and...I'm now wanting to blog about CNY -_-"
I know I can still blog about Eling's wedding luncheon, but imagine I have over 300 photos, I use 1 hour to narrow down to 80 photos (including adjusting contrast/color and crops), then another 30 minutes to delete some, make it let's say...30 photos? Then only realized I should have chose the other photo album and blog about something else? I don't have that 1 1/2 hour(s) to do it again. and not to mention Eling's wedding album has over 1000 shots
What's going on with me?
Anyway, I just want to vent a little..

Enough on the 1st day of Chinese New Year! Going to my grandparents' house
29 pictures in total
Joan and I wore peach/pink color! We purposely wore the same "type" of outfits, almost the same color and cutting (loose)

In car, going to grandpa and grandma's house!

When you're free, you camwhore :P

Dad and mum

The leopard print lady :P
Tell you something...on CNY eve, my mum saw my pink (the one I wore in the pic), she hated it because it's all loose, she wanted me to wear her leopard print dress (the one she's wearing). Of course I didn't...because I think mum looked hot in leopard print. LOL!

Us was the 1st year without Eling on CNY, she was in Segamat with Andy, for the weekend :)

Another shot under the sun

My grandma
I just realized I forgot to take photos with my grandpa -_-"
See, simple things that I forgot

Random pics

Never mind, I have photo of my aunt with my grandpa :D

Mum and daughter

Mum and daughter 2

New member of the family

Mum and her sisters

Eling's favourite, too bad she wasn't here :P

Ang pao!

Year of Tiger

Next up, Michelle's place for Lion Dance!
Hopefully I wouldn't forget about it tomorrow ;)