Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little gift for Sugar, from someone on YT

I'm addicted to Facebook, and of course, Yorkietalk :)
How am I going to leave a site, which is full of nice people, and everyone loves Yorkshire Terrier? Never never! :D

I mentioned in my previous post, about the adhesive tape pasted on Sugar's tummy after the surgery, I was depressed...I even mentioned it in YT. A lady called Bo, offered to make a Softee (soft E-cone collar) to Sugar (she's selling it in YT), because she knew Sugar might undergo another surgery few months later, to fix hernia... Bo just wanted to do something for us, it was a very hard time for Sugar, she wore the ordinary plastic E-collar for days, it's not comfortable at all, she cried at nights.. :'(
Bo sent it before Chinese New Year, expected it to be arrived in a week or so... by the way, she's from MD, USA. No news from Post office a week later...we then wondered where the parcel was, another week passed by, still no news at all. I believe she was disappointed, me too. On last Friday, I decided to write her, told her it has been a month, I was afraid the parcel is already gone, there's no way we could check the status of the parcel. To my surprise, she wanted to post another Softee to us, she only wanted to do something to little Sugar... I didn't want to trouble her (she makes and designs Softee by herself, it took time to make a new one). Somehow, her message was really heartwarming, she didn't expect anything in return.. I felt I shouldn't reject her.
I got home late that night, saw something on my working table..
OMG it's THE parcel from Bo!! I couldn't believe my eyes, the parcel was lying there! I wasn't imagining things! It's hilarious...imagine, I just sent her a message told her the parcel is gone forever, and a few hours later it's lying there on my table, mum got it noon time ;)
Later, I found out the parcel was "MISSENT TO JAKARTA", no wonder it took more than a month to reach here!
Anyway, photos!
Sugar, you've got a mail, sniff sniff..

The only way to have her sit silently

Message from Bo :)

Look! This is the softee!

I love the print Bo selected :)

It's so comfortable

Foldable ;)

Little Red hood going to Grandma's house :D

The softee is a little big for Sugar, but it's alright because it's adjustable ;)

Like this!
No more plastic E-collar!

It also could be used as a scarf, cowboy Sugar!

So cute :)

or a fashionable scarf,
"Mom, let's go out!"

Sugar loves it ;D

It also could be used as a mini skirt!

"Where iz my skirt, momma?"

"Baby, you're wearing it!"

As cute as a button

Now, tell me why I would choose plastic E-collar over softee? ;)

If I were to given a chance, of course I hope Sugar would use it as a skirt (means no more surgeries), but I know in case of anything happen (touch wood! Choi!), Sugar will have this Softee to make her feel much comfortable :)
Bo, I know you're not reading it, but I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything! You're such a wonderful person! :D



CathJ said...

That was a great stuff... brilliant idea..