Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year! Photosss 照相!

On the way to my dad's elder brother's house :)

When we were younger, going to his house is like er...let's put it this way, it was hot and boring, but at the same time it's good to meet them once a year (LOL! If no weddings or so, we meet only once a year). As we grew older, we started appreciate "annual gathering", and we played cards to kill time instead of saying very hot very hot what's wrong with the stupiak fan?

After that, went to my dad's younger brother house for dinner
My aunt

My aunt prepared dinner for over 20 people ;)

My cousin and her hubby :D

Men, busy with "magic cards"

Cousin bro and his wife

How many crabs are there?
4! Count it yourself :P

Mum and aunt

Aunt and I

Cousin sisters, Miao and Ting

My cousin brothers' idea
Of course they aren't homosexual, just follow the trend to take "this kind" of photos ;)

Miao and I


We tried to take "something different", but failed to... -_-"

Some shots before we left

Looking back at these shots, I realised I forgot to POSE (I have no idea why?), what the?!!?!?!?!



Dr V said...

Loving family! And of course we know your family is not shy around cameras. ^_^

As you said, when you're older, family traditions become more important. You now have your own accomplishments that you can share, and you can hear about those of your cousins. Also, maturity brings appreciation for the "silly things" that you can only do in the comfort of family. One of our traditions is the kids cheat each other in the game 'Monopoly', while the adults were playing cards and talking. ^_*

Thanks for sharing your traditions with your friends.