Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wish I'm a Jumper!

Have you watched the movie, Jumper?

I just watched it today, and...I'm totally in love with this crazy movie :P

I wish, I wish, I wish...
I'm a jumper!

Egypt, Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Africa, Vienna, Barcelona, Holland...are just a blink away, I can travel the world with no money in my pocket :P

But I'm not as silly as David in the movie, I'm not going to rob banks ;)

Alright, what do I do if I'm a jumper?

1. I will bring my family members, loved one Kevin, Cynthia, Ket, Hwei Chen, Kim Wai, Wai San, Annie...etc to travel with me, teleport them all! And ask them to pay with credit cards :P
Hmmm well, the true happiness is sharing ;)
I love them ^^

2. I will organize private tours for rich men, earn money and donate money to third world countries. This is no joke, I've always wanted to be a warranter.

This is quite a impossible task, my 1st ambition is to travel around the world before I step in the coffin. I have to work harder to make my dream comes, no time to be a warranter. Maybe next life.. ;)

3. I can be superman's partner, to save the world together :P

4. Have a look at Mr. President's room


Sigh, to many to be listed, I'm too greedy :'P
but I don't have to pay for day dreaming

Today, I watched this movie alone, I didn't watch movie alone for a long long time. There are a lot of things have changed. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. I have had a very clear objective in my life previously, but these 2 years, I'm totally confused.

Few years back, if someone ask me what my ambition is, I will say, I want to be a very successful business woman, I want to have a beautiful house, car, babies...etc.
But today, I don't know.
I've lost my interests on many things
I don't have a ambition (..maybe I still have)

People always say we will know what to do when we grow older, but I don't think so
I'm getting confused and confused everyday, do you believe if I tell you I don't love money?
Yeah I know, who doesn't love money?
I don't, I'm a weirdo

This is very confusing
I love traveling, but traveling is a very expensive hobby, but how do I live with it if I don't work my ass out? Money will not fall down from the sky, flight tickets are not free, even if it's free, I still have to pay for the airport tax.
What about accommodation?
What about transportation?
What about foods?
What about my mum, my father?
I hope to give them the very best of life, I really love them..
I always think, I couldn't life without her

Thus, this is why I wish I'm a jumper, haha ;))

Anyway, I really wish I would find my objectives of life very soon, hopefully things will be changed to good ones when I work. I believe Kevin will lead me.. :)

God bless..