Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Dear friends..
I'm pregnant, decided to marry Kevin this end of month, please come to my wedding dinner,
Dated: 30, April 08
Venue: Sweet Garden Restaurant in Jalan Jingga
Happy April Fool's Day!
I'm childish, so what?

Today is April Fool, my mum fooled me yesterday...I really forgot what she did to me, I'm sorry! I only remember she said after that:
"Hahaha, I want to be the first person who makes fun of you this year!"

My mum is cute ;)

Last weekend, Violet was so purple :)
I didn't wear that color intentionally, just wore the top that I bought in HK last year, then I saw the purple skirt that I didn't wear for quite some time, then...I suddenly felt shy with the "revealing" top...I opened my wardrobe, and saw the purple jacket.
So... ;)

Lecka Ice Cream, Cineleisure

See my chubby cheeks...still want to eat?!
(-_-'')... ......

Baby and I

We had our dinner in Sakae Sushi

Say "Ahh..."
I will feed you
Hahaha :P

"Hello, do I look great in pink laydee bag?"
What do you think? :P
Hehee, actually I forced him to take my bag for a picture, but see...he looked happy

Camwhoring with Darl..

He thinks violet the purple, or purple the violet or, whatever.. looks great
Well, I don't think I have the courage to wear the same combination again ;)

Cropped, I chopped off my head

Teddy love...

This is the photo I took a year ago ;)
At the same time, I saw this and this

Almost mid-night,
Loitering in the mall

I wanna get it!!!
Hmmm! I'm too big for this :(

More photos

I think he has my baby :P

Tea in Outpost Cafe, before we got in the cinema

Our show was at 1120pm, L-change the world
That show was quite nice, although too many mission "impossible" became "possible" ;)
Anyway, Death 1 and Death 2 are Chee Mei's favourite, she told me she went to Hong Kong last year just to buy the DVD,

"HK's version is nicer!" she claimed :))


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