Monday, March 10, 2008

Weng's birthday

Do you still remember your 21st birthday celebration?

I do...
I remember
I didn't celebrate it.
No birthday party, no cakes..
Only greetings from family members and some of my close friends.
And a present from Michelle

My 2 older sisters held their 21st birthday parties, my father even spent time on lucky draw and games, invited all of my relatives and friends to celebrate the special day.

But I don't think there's something wrong on my 21st birthday; I don't think my parents don't love me.
Because I was the one who said:
"It's not a big deal, it's only a birthday. I don't want to celebrate"

Today is my brother's 21st birthday, mum bought 2 slices of cakes and my oldest sister Michelle stopped by, she bought a bucket of KFC. We didn't hold a party, not to mention invite our relatives or friends.

This time, I feel something is wrong.

Few weeks ago, before Chinese New Year. My brother, Weng and I had a conversation.
He told me he doesn't think my father would organise a birthday party for him. I didn't say much...I only said
"It's only a birthday, I didn't celebrate my 21st birthday too, don't put it in heart.."

He just looked at me and smile...looking at him, I felt like crying.

Weng is the youngest one in my family, he is the only son.
4 daughters and a son...
People might think he has all of my parents' loves..
Well, only God knows

My father has placed way too high of expectation on Weng...
I don't feel like talking more about today.

What is birthday to you?
Birthday is the day of one's birth.

Before I Met Kevin, birthday is really nothing special to me, I could spend that day alone, hanging out and even watched movie alone.

Until I met Kevin, I started to feel birthday is a special day.
My first birthday celebration with Kevin, was on my Birthday eve, we didn't meet on my birthday.

2nd year of my birthday, it was Thursday. We didn't countdown because he was busy with his work, his court case.
I was very upset but I didn't blame him, after all he spent his whole weekend with me, and tried his best to make me happy, so I only said:
"I hope you have time to accompany me on my next birthday"

This year,
the 3rd year of my birthday, it was a Friday
We counted down together on Thursday, and didn't meet on my birthday.
Friday night, I celebrated with my close friends, Hwei Chen and Ket.
On Saturday, he brought me a Fujitsu laptop as a present, he found me with Zoe and Livon in The Pavilion. Hoped I will forgive him on his absence on Friday night.

I knew he would buy a laptop for me, so this is not a surprise.
To be frank I was a little disappointed on my birthday, he said he could join me if I wish, but I thought he should spent more time on his court cases. Clients have high hopes on him. He did nothing wrong, he's just working his best for our future, he didn't mean to neglect me.

Anyway, I really understand the feeling of being neglected.
I hope my brother wouldn't feel that today.

I hope he understand we really do love him...and get to find his angel soon

Hey Weng, you are a big boy now!
Happy 21st Birthday!
May your wishes come true!
Love ya~