Sunday, April 6, 2008

Qingming festival, 清明节

Also known as tomb sweeping day

I didn't visit my grandparents (my dad's parents) for a few years, the last time I went with my parents for Qingming was many years ago, I think I was still in elementary school (if I'm not mistaken).

Maybe I grow old, I started to appreciate people around me in the recent years, I've never wanted to visit graves because I thought it was really tiring, hot, lots of mosquitoes and things like that. Last year, my mum thought I didn't want to follow them to go as usual, that was why I missed it, I woke up late. This year, I made it :)

I woke up at 6:15am this morning, really early to a laydeee like me ;)
I sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 10:30am every morning. Today I was quite surprised I didn't use my alarm clock to wake up early :P

What my mum prepared for Qingming

Inside has got lots of paper accessories, such as clothes, shoes, watches...etc (all paper made)

These are "gold"

Giant joss sticks


You can't expect me to look good in the morning with nothing on :P
Violet-the vampire

We had our breakfast in a kopitiam near the graves, only my parents and I, my siblings are all off to something else

Yong tau foo

Pork bihun

My dad was hungry, no time for photos!

My cute mum :D
She said:
"No no no, I don't want to take photos, I don't look pretty in the morning..."

"Just one photo okay? I will delete if you don't like"


Don't you think she looks cute?
Hahaha, she likes this photo very much! ^^

After that, we met our relatives and went to the graves together, before we visited my grandpa, normally my mum will pray to the God who is looking after the souls...

After that, we proceed to grandpa's grave

My uncle, cleaning up the graves

This MAN, with yellow helmet is my dad,
DON'T ask me, I don't know where he got this helmet from, hahaha!

Preparing for the ceremony..

A ray of light
Wonderful, right?

After we visited my grandpa, we proceed to my grandma's place

I smudged the texts..

Again, preparing for the ceremony

Ice creams were sold in the graveyards ;)
Only for this festival

Mum, counting the number of banana, she and my relatives wanted to buy lottery

Actually, I wasn't sure if I can take photos in the graves, but my mum said it's okay, as long as I only take my grandparents' photos but not "other" pictures ;)

I'm glad nothing "special" happened :P