Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No more holiday!

Tomorrow is Labour Day, Friday would be my official working day!

That means, today is the "last day" of violet's private holiday. LOL! I slept at 5am last night, woke up at 1030am. It's not that I reluctant to sleep...It was my brain, it didn't allow me to rest early!

"I'm not sleepy, I sleep at 245am everyday!"

"Still early, you are 45 minutes from bed...go on go on, the TV show is nice!"

"Don't sleep first, once you start to work, you will need to sleep at 12am everyday!"

"I'm not sleepy...let me finish the...(I can't tell you now, I will let you know what I've been doing for the whole night!)"

"Sigh...actually I'm not sleepy. But my dad will get out from his bed at 6am, he wouldn't happy to see me spending my bedtime in the living room
Alright! Time to ZZZ"

I wanted to get up at 2pm, but somehow I woke up at 1030am...

(-_-")... ......

So sad, I will not have the chance to wake up at 2pm anymore :(
Unless on Sunday
SUNDAYs are pak tor day

Happy Labour Day!

I shall sleep early today, tomorrow would be a long long day...we have a 1-day trip with Kevin and his staff. Violet needs to get up at 6am ;)