Friday, April 4, 2008

A letter from Bangladesh

Haha! ^^
I received a postcard last week and I wanted to blog about it badly.
Few things happened last week which made me didn't blog about it, and I didn't want to mix this happy news with another blog ^^

I received a postcard from Bangladesh!
Ooh no, I mean, I received a postcard from Cynthia, she has a layover in Bangladesh.

Early in the morning, I saw a card on the table

I was thinking
"Do we know anybody from Bangladesh? Where is this card from?"
I'm sorry, I didn't know it's a postcard until I flipped it over

Dear Violet Voon...
I smudged the texts

Ooh my God!
It's a postcard from Cynthia! ^^
I remembered she told me she sent a few postcards to me, but I've never gotten even a single one, I think somebody stole my letters, Hmmmm! I will kick his/her butt if I catch him/her!

Then, I noticed the date of the postcard,
I'm still wondering, what took 2 1/2 months for the MR POSTMAN to bring this letter to me?!

But I was still very happy, at least I got it right?
So I sent a message to Cynthia, told her I just received the postcard
I thought it's a very good news, who knows, she replied
"I sent a lot of postcards to you, too bad you only received one, why my mum got it every time but you didn't?"

(-_-")... ......

"Maybe the postman doesn't like me..."

Seriously, I bet I stepped on postman's tail and I forgot about it, so he burnt all of my postcards and letters, by the way, I can't recall when was the last time I met postman :(
I wanna complain!!!

I think I should give Cynthia my another home address,
Emails are convenient, but...I prefer letters and postcards :)

This postcard is nice, isn't it? :)