Monday, April 7, 2008

A day out, KLCC

Michelle came and pick me up on Sunday, together with Eling and Hue Ru
We parked nearby the train station, Michelle thought it's good to take train to KLCC, Hue Ru will enjoy the ride. I took a lot of photos, ermmm, not self-portraits, it's kid's portrait, hehee

20 minutes later,
In KLCC...
Take a look at this one,
SEE HUE RU's little "peace", funny right?
Hahaha :P
Only one at a time, she can't focus on the camera when she's posing

We stopped by a watch shoppe,

Our reflections

I "heart" you darling...

In a bakery shop
Breads, pastries are Hue Ru's favorites

"Mummy mummy, I want I want..."

"Sure my little one.."

"Ooh yess!!"

Our lunch

My strawberry shaved ice! ^^
Served with frogs' eggs...Ewwwwwwwww
You know I'm kidding, but the green color things looked yucky, but well in fact, it's tasteless (better than bitter LOL!)

After lunch,
We decided to do "jumping project" in the park
My one and only model, Miss Hue Ru ;)

I think these two are the best shots of the day ;)

Yahoo...I'm a rock star!!

More photos

Their...butts :P

Random photos in KLCC


That's all for today,
Bye byeeeeeeeeee