Friday, April 11, 2008

My webcam ;)

This noon, Kevin took his lunch time to drop by my house, he brought me something...a new webcam ^^

He knew I wanted to chat with Cynthia online, thought a webcam is what I want. That's very sweet of him :)) Hmmm...previously, I've never wanted to get a webcam, because I don't think I will wc with net friends or people that I don't know, how strange right?

What? WC with my friends?
Why I want to wc them?
They are so near, just a call away right?

But since Cynthia is far (she made me feel I really need a webcam), and she has already said a thousand times
"Go to get a webcam!"

My answer as usual,
"Yes yes...I will/should get one"

The reasons I didn't go to get one are:
The first reason,
I don't know why cyn was always offline on my msn; and I was always offline on her msn, we tried to delete our contacts and re-add, but it didn't work.
For this, we need to thank Hwei Chen for solving this problem,

Recently, Hwei Chen started a conversation with cyn, and I asked her to invite me in,
From there, I re-add Cynthia, and ta da~
We can see each other online now! :D
Another funny thing is, Hwei Chen didn't realize she actually helped me and cyn to solve this BIG headache problem :P

Before that, I created another msn account to chat with cyn, and I found it's very troublesome for me to handle 2 accounts, so...we seldom chat online. AND THIS WAS WHY, I didn't think I need a webcam!

The second reason
...I forgot to buy
That's not a 'reason', that's an excuse okay??

How lame! :'P
But well, that's the fact.

Ooh ohh ohhhhhhhh, I ought to be ashamed of myself!

Today, I'm very happy ^.^
Kevin remembered I mentioned I want a webcam zillion years ago, and he realized I wasn't happy for the past few weeks... Thus, he decided to delight my days with a new toy. Thank you sweetheart, that's very sweet of you :')

Testing testing!

These two are the same image.
One was taken by camera and another was taken by webcam at the same time ;)

"Why waste money? I can buy myself"

"Don't worry sweetheart, this is not the most expensive one. Ahahahahaa" This is his reply
(-_-")... ......

He is as humorous as usual :P

Now you know my desktop background...

With my mum

camwhoring session

Now you see my glasses...

and now you don't

violet saw ghost

violet orang utan

violet fish lips

violet nike

Alright, that's all for today now you know how I look at home