Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My super headache thesis- part 3

I didn't give up after so many NO NO NO NO NO from tonnes of hotels, finally I decided to some sort of "giving up" after I contacted the hotel which recommended by Mr Anand.

I was extremely disappointed!

Well, I still need to thank Mr. Anand, because he really tried to help me. The only thing is...the F&B director (of that hotel) Mr XXX that my college principal and Mr Anand know is unable to help. No...I should say, he is willing to help, but he said I can only interview his managers and take photos in the hotel, basically everything but NO questionnaires in the whole process.

What the heck?
What is the point?

At first his attitude was good, after I told him about my inquiry, his tone of voice changed, he started to be impatient.

"No no no, you can't do this. You shouldn't approach our guests. You see, I don't think there are any hotels allow students to do questionnaires in the hotels. No you just can't do this."

I was glad we were talking on the phone, at least I don't have to force myself to smile at him. I forgave him, maybe he just argued with his wife last night, that's why his mood was bad.

Mr Anand was surprised to know his friend, Mr XXX didn't offer his help, anyway, Mr Anand suggested me to do the questionnaires in a hospital.


I didn't want to change the topic...I've prepared everything. But seriously I really need to find an alternative, I cannot just wait and die.

I should try hospitals...
Hmmm...wait, why didn't I choose restaurants instead?!

I can do questionnaires in restaurants right? It's hospitality industry!



Right now, I should focus on restaurants or hospitals.
By the way, I'm not giving up hotels too ;)

All the best Violet!