Monday, April 14, 2008

Sick of weirdo

Recently, I received a lot of nasty emails and comments from my Flickr account, such as

"I like to see you wearing short skirt, do you wear anything inside?"
"I love your work, but can you show me more of your..."

Some even worst, calling me a whore, so on and so forth, it's too XXX and I don't think posting here is a good idea.

Did I step on your tail brother?
What's wrong with you?!

These kind of emails and comments really demotivate my passions on photography. Do I need to strip off just to please you? I don't think I need to! I said, my photos are my diary. I do whatever I want to, every photos that I made are for myself. It's not upon request!

I admit some of my photos are naughty, but this doesn't mean I'm naughty in person, these are merely photos. What's more, I'm not interested in pornography. Yeah I visit those sites sometimes, but this is normal right?? BUT to me, I wouldn't say visiting these sites carry another meaning other know ;)
For "you" to contribute this idea to me, THANK YOU, and you can leave my photostream right now.

Some people are really funny, thinking women who wear less just to please men or to get more attention, or both. I don't know you, I only know I love low cut and I love sexy outfits, I dislike people talking to my boobs or thighs, but anyway, this doesn't stop me from wearing whatever I like to. We live for ourselves, right?

Anyway, I felt better after writing this down, for those who wants to see more, I suggest you to go to uh-oh dot com.


Mike said...

I was wondering about all the comments. I imagine the emails are worse. I have a similar, yet different problem with my photostream. Several of the people who have me as a "contact" (but not the reverse), are gay males who favorite some of my bike racing photos, especially when the rider's... bulges... are noticeable. Now, it's not me, and it's not XXX rated, by any means. But it still feels ... creepy. I've thought about blocking the people. But they'll find a way. Guys do.
On behalf of my gender, I'm very sorry.

violetmay said... have some hot stuff on your photostream...joking :P
Now I feel creepy, most of the object of my photostream is me. To be frank, I'm worried the people who sent these kind of emails and comments are people who lives near me :(
Anyway, I will take care of myself :)

Mike said...

Please do take care! :)

I wouldn't worry much, though. They've unmasked themselves, they haven't really changed. They're the same creeps you've always known were out there. Annoying, but mostly harmless.