Thursday, April 24, 2008

My super headache thesis!


I thought finding a hotel to do survey is pretty easy, but well in fact...

I called so many hotels,
all said the same thing

"I'm sorry but I think it's quite impossible..."
Because, I might interrupt their service performance/service delivery! :(

I really understand why they do not encourage students or anybody to conduct survey in their hotels, because if I were the hotel owner, I don't think I allow people to do surveys in my hotel too. Guests may not like the idea, may find it's disturbing.

But right now, I'm super headache!

How am I going to complete my thesis?!

I called my thesis supervisor Mr Kumar, he said I should try another industry...when I asked for his opinion, he said I need to figure it out myself. Gosh! I'm only asking for opinions. Alright, now I know why other students are... forget about it, I don't want to do all these backstabbing stuff.

Then I called my module facilitator Mr Anand, so kind of him, he said he is going to a 5 star hotel (not going to reveal the name here) tonight, and he will ask if they could help me. Seriously I am not sure if the hotel can help, but then...Mr. Anand's effort is very much appreciated!

I'm not optimistic, but I'm hopeful...I really hope the hotel could help :((

I'm really's not as easy as I thought