Monday, May 19, 2008


I didn't online for a long time...try to imagine, I used to online for at least 4 hours in a day before I work, now...I...

I've lost my interest in the cyber world...quite serious huh?

In fact, I can online in the office, but I felt different, it's, the feeling is indescribable. It's something like, I don't eat ice cream in washroom. LOL! Okie okie, I don't eat foods in washroom, not only ice cream :P

Enough for the work of god, devil, or whatever...I don't want to think about that anymore. Suddenly...I realised I've wasted a lot of time previously, I can travel to more places if I work, yes? no? I can travel with friends...I can't expect Kevin to pay for my trip if I don't travel with him, can I? Hahahaha :P Actually he doesn't mind. But it would be too cruel to him if I ask him to pay for my trip and force him to sit patiently at home when I was having wild time out there.

Alright, I think I'm spoilt, we planned...we will have a trip every 2 or 3 months. I need to save for shopping! Our next trip falls on July, I'm VERY HAPPY!!!!! ;)

I have a very happy news...somebody gave me a miscall and a message in the early morning...Cynthia is back!!!! I was surprised and delighted! I thought she will come back end of month. Going to meet her this Wed for a movie ^^

Do you remember my previous post entry? Weirdos in the Ladies room...The management gave me a ring yesterday, they got to know this incident from our counselor. Kevin was the one who told the counselor, he felt we should let them know.

A lady called Leela (I think la) called. I told her everything...but when she asked the identities of the guys, I told her I don't know...I don't know...I don't know.......I don't know the guys are staff, members or visitors (I promised the staff that I won't complain him, should keep my promise and by the way, he didn't do that intentionally and I don't think he dares to do the same thing again). The management wants to take disciplinary actions, they know that incident was SERIOUS. Leela was so...clever, she knew I won't tell, so she asked

"When was that? Can you tell me the time?"

Hehehehe, she thought I'm a fool, if she knew the date and time, she could check the schedule right? By then, she will get to know who the persons were. Oh my my my GOD! Am I trying to protect the monkeys in the Ladies room? HELL NO! I just didn't want to break my promise and I do feel the staff won't do it again. Anyway, I appreciate her call, and I was glad the management is aware of this issue.

Yesterday I fetched my parents, Michelle and Hue Ru.
Michelle was too CUTE

She got in my car, and said:

"I'm sorry Hue Ru, I didn't know your auntie (refer to me) is driving us to Siew Kim aunt's house today"

What la?! Funny right?
Sigh...please believe in me, I'm a good driver, I'm a GOOD DRIVER
Nothing bad parents both think that I can really DRIVE. So today...I drove to Kepong office by myself, alone! Kevin waited me in the office, I fetched him to The Curve ;)

Even Cynthia was so happy to know I DRIVE, I will drive her out this Wed, yappeeee! ^^